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    Assist needed in modding a Fury Fire


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    Age : 23

    Assist needed in modding a Fury Fire

    Post  Kalvis on Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:56 am

    Firstly are there any other mods for the Fury other than AR removal and Spring Replacement, if so message me, and tell me about it, secondly; im having trouble with removing the screws and im lacking an electric screw driver with a small enough head, and man power and abit of elbow-grease just isn't cutting it.
    Any Idead post em, help a fellow Nerfer out
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    Trade Merchant

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    Re: Assist needed in modding a Fury Fire

    Post  inf0rm3r on Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:05 am

    The best and most advisable mods to do on a fury fire are the AR Removal and Spring replacement.

    You can do more but it's not advised.

    This gun can be the best thing to use assault wise especially modded properly.

    To get the screws out, use only a screw drive which will fit properly. A screwdriver which is even slightly to big or small can damage the weak screws in nerf guns. So get a set of cheap ones and find the right one and you'll have no problems.

    As for spring replacement, go to Black tactical nerf store and buy the dart tag springs, these increase range and accuracy without a chance of breaking you gun. Be careful when you put the spring in as the white piece of plastic towards the front will break if you put it on the wrong spot. When put into the right spot you'll have no problems. I often epoxy this bit when I mod them for other people.

    AR Removal is simple, drill out the entire ARs and dremel the round parts so its clean to get the best effect.

    This is your first furyfire so when you take it apart take pictures before you go pulling things apart, this way it won't be frustrating to put back together as it is quite difficult until you understand how it works.

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    Re: Assist needed in modding a Fury Fire

    Post  sitras on Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:45 am

    with the screw situation just go to bunnings or the mitre10 next to kippa and get a small ceap screw set one will fit it and yeah like informer said, espicialy since your very new to modding maybe just do the basic ones then if you see ones you like weight the possibility of you screwing it to its effectivnes in a war.
    btw you DO NOT need an electric screwdriver, if you have one thats great but if you are out muscled by a screw theres a problem, but then again just follow informer to the back of his car i'm sure he's got somthing to help

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    Re: Assist needed in modding a Fury Fire

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