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    KICKSTARTER: Dart Blaster Tactical Rail Clip Holder


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    KICKSTARTER: Dart Blaster Tactical Rail Clip Holder

    Post  EMEUTIER on Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:01 pm

    I ran the search but couldn't find if this has been posted already or not.

    I just found a business on Kickstarter that has plans to make quality after-market nerf accessories.

    Personally I don't care much for the "Tactical Rail Clip Holder" idea but many of their listed future products sound very interesting.
    Of-course many of their product idea's we can already get as airsoft/real-gun accessories but I would assume that their products be cheaper to purchase.

    Copy-Paste of the list of future products:

    -Adjustable Tactical Rail Fore-grip (adjusts right, down, and left)
    -Belt Clip (clips to your pants/belt) Nerf (TM) N-Strike Clip Holder
    -Tactical Rail Flashlight/LASER holder
    -Tactical Rail Dart Holder
    -Tactical Rail Bi-pod
    -Tactical Rail Nerf(TM) Vortex(TM) Disc Holder
    -Tactical Rail Bandolier Clip (adds a place to clip a bandolier)
    -Tactical Rail Nerf(TM) Vortex(TM) Clip Holder
    -Belt Clip (clips to your pants/belt) Vortex(TM) Clip Holder
    -Tactical Rail Vulcan Ammo Belt Holder
    -Tactical Rail Camera mount
    -Tactical Rail Smartphone Holder
    -And Several More!

    I like the idea these guys have and hope they can do it.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: KICKSTARTER: Dart Blaster Tactical Rail Clip Holder

    Post  Joey on Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:55 pm

    No way in hell they are going to hit $20K

    Hell I can't see them even reaching $2K

    $1000 for a re-seller reward but the only give you 30 clips to sell. That comes to MORE than it costs to get a single clip each. They should be rewarding someone for doing that, not punishing them.

    $25 is a bit pricey too considering we are getting a recon flip site rail with some velcro, yeah I know it is a custom product but I feel this has really missed the mark.

    Just my opinion, the sad thing is that the product itself is cool.

    Slydev nerf parts and accessories store

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    Re: KICKSTARTER: Dart Blaster Tactical Rail Clip Holder

    Post  JacobYeah on Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:04 pm


    I was think of posting it there but it loOks like you beat me to it

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    Re: KICKSTARTER: Dart Blaster Tactical Rail Clip Holder

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