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    G'Day from SA



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    Location : Adelaide Hills, South Australia

    G'Day from SA

    Post  speirk on Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:28 am

    Hello everyone! I am speirk, and I am from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.

    My re-introduction to NERF began a week before Christmas when I bought a Maverick twin pack intended for a "only just" three year old.

    To my surprise (and later delight) he was unable to either prime or fire it, and so I kind of repossessed them After literally hours of fun shooting anything that moved my inner child took control and I began to wonder, ...can I make this thing any more powerful?

    A few days later I purchased three SecretStrike AS-1's, only to discover the only one which worked out of the box (at all!) was appreciably more powerful than the Maverick...I have since pillaged them for spare NERF screws which have a tendency of "growing legs."

    My favourite at the moment are my two NiteFinder EX3's...I have also purchased these for the intended recipients of the Mavericks. Easy to prime and fire out of the box, and a nice punch too.

    While I have no accurate range test, the range I am achieving from them is quite low, because the darts leave so fast that they spin and swerve quite a bit. A 0.75g fishing snap-on sinker in the tip of the Glow-In-The-Dark clip-system darts (I was still waiting for my elite darts) didn't really help, though they were leaving the gun apparently faster...and leaving bigger "test bruises" on my feet which were the chronograph, in a backyard kind of way.

    A LongShot CS-6 has arrived on my door today, and while the performance really disappointed me out of the box, I cannot wait to play with it after discovering that it displaces four times the volume of air compared with the NiteFinder, which is quite easily firing darts faster and further than the LongShot (hehehe -- at the moment)

    After doing some research, my next purchase will probably be an Elite Retaliator or Elite Firefly from either the US or UK. Hasbro have confused me -- their site advertises 20m range whilst showing guns with orange triggers (75ft is approx. 23m yeah? so US/UK spec) yet the guns on shelves in Australian stores have grey triggers and 15m range ads...at least at this point we kind of missed out.

    Fingers crossed we get the proper NERF N-Strike Elite range, and happy NERFing

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    Location : Blackwater, Queensland

    Re: G'Day from SA

    Post  clunk07 on Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:26 pm

    Hey, welcome aboard.

    If you're looking for a blaster for a 3 y.o., my daughter can just prime a jolt, which is cheap, and lets her have some fun when I can't be bothered loading up clips for her modded Stampede.

    The Longshot probably has the most potential of all the nerf blaster's on the market. Add a 12kg spring, brass breech, and some reinforcements, and you'll easily be hitting well over 40m with custom darts. Admittedly, it's a reasonably complex project for new modder's.

    Australia (and a few other country's) will be receiving toned down (grey trigger) Elite blaster's to conform with out current safety laws, so don't hold your breath. Your best bet would be to order whichever elite blaster's you want straight from Amazon in the US. This way you'll be guaranteed the 75ft versions. From what I've seen though, if you remove the AR's and replace the spring, there's no performance difference between the US and Aus versions.



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    Re: G'Day from SA

    Post  Acerised on Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:57 pm

    Hey Welcome to Oznerf!

    Nite Finders are a great blaster to start modding with. Then Longshots get a little more complicated.

    Enjoy your stay.

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    Re: G'Day from SA

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