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    Stormfire: Rebarraling and Respringing

    Roger Explosion

    Posts : 334
    Join date : 2009-04-27
    Age : 31
    Location : Adelaide: Murder Capital of the world

    Stormfire: Rebarraling and Respringing

    Post  Roger Explosion on Tue Feb 02, 2010 5:35 am

    Lets keep the introduction brief. Stormfire. Its a funky nitefinder style gun. buy them off Inf0rm3r. comes in a 2 pack with an electronic flag, one green, one orange.

    Here it is. remove all the screws.

    don't forget the hidden screws. One in the front, the other inside the slide.


    Take out the Plunger. cut along where i've marked with the red line.

    Like so. Damm that Air Restrictor!

    Take a big drill bit and drill straight through. then bore it out with a file or dremel so that 17/32 brass can fit in there. You may not notice, but there is a lip further down inside. Don't bore that out too much, you want the brass to sit there. But you still need to have a large enough hole for good air flow. the hole is right behind where the plunger head sits.

    Take a 4 inch piece of 17/32 brass and glue it in place. you could also use PETG Which inf0rm3r sells. But for me thats too loose for a spring gun.

    Now for the plunger rod. Remove the screw holding the plunger head and take off the spring.

    For my spring replacement. I'm using the stock spring and a Nitefinder spring. The stormfire spring is the smaller one on the right. If you don't have a spare Nitefinder spring you could go down to Bunnings and get a C-836 spring. Make sure to cut it to the same length as the stock spring, and use it solo. Theres enough power in that spring.

    Wind the 2 springs together and put them back on the plunger rod. Screw the plunger head back on. I've added a second O ring for a better seal.

    Now for the nitefinder spring to fit you need to remove this part of the spring rest.

    Like so

    Now you can put it back together, and kick ass.

    it can now hit 58 feet with my fancy converted darts.

    And for the most important step, A funny name.
    I dub thee: Ham Sandwich 5. In Space

    Are you Furstrated?
    Trade Merchant
    Trade Merchant

    Posts : 536
    Join date : 2009-08-04
    Age : 28
    Location : Ipswich, Brisbane, Australia

    Re: Stormfire: Rebarraling and Respringing

    Post  inf0rm3r on Tue Feb 02, 2010 7:34 am

    Wow you got this gun this morning and you've modded it already :|, that's ridiculously fast.

    Great write up as usual can't expect any less though

    You've just made it harder for me to not take one of the 2 I have left

    Posts : 207
    Join date : 2009-10-05
    Age : 23
    Location : wollongong, NSW

    Re: Stormfire: Rebarraling and Respringing

    Post  WV17 on Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:04 am

    Thats great. I presume it vacuum loads like any good pistol and that it leaves a resounding sting on bare flesh. How is the cocking mech and also the trigger pull?

    Posts : 345
    Join date : 2009-05-18
    Age : 28
    Location : Adelaide, South Australia

    Re: Stormfire: Rebarraling and Respringing

    Post  Chaos-Blades on Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:02 am

    Great work mate, I hope to do a similar thing when I get mine

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    Re: Stormfire: Rebarraling and Respringing

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