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    Ecchi Baka Kon

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    Post  Ecchi Baka Kon Sat Oct 09, 2010 9:18 pm

    hia guys, name jeffrey and i'm from hell hole canberra =D

    just recently got into nerf, infact saw the nerf guns and what mods you can do to them and got so excited i drove out to the 24 hour k mart 2am in the morning and bought a maverick and longshot, showed my friend them the next day and he went and bough a longshot too, we also bought a new dremel too lol

    on my mav i've already done the russian roulette and and stuck 3 5c coins behind to compress the spring and the darts are flying much faster and straighter

    the long shot i've decided to go all out and screw beginner mods and just jump into the fun stuff, so far i've planned to do front gun intergration, remove the front gun and replace the hole with a 1 watt bicycle light and the mini hole beneath it fit in a laser pointer, put a internal pump action with the front gun stock grip mod, also covered open holes ans such with thin pieces of plastic for cosmetic purposes, planing to add the recon barrel and the then the long shot barrel ontop of the recon barrel so i can go for the sniper look and place the let stand on the sniper barrel, oh and putting in a angel breach with spring replacement

    then the paint job wont be half assed either =D i'm planning it to look like munchandme from deviant arts painted long shot

    so all in all this will be a fun journey =D spent 9 hours on it already and only 1/4 done hahahah but i'm having lots of fun, i hope to post pictures of the finish thing soon and photo's of my proccess from original to the done product n_n been looking around too for nerf wars and hvz's in my area

    oh and i just bought the recon today too =D, raider (for drum mag) and stampede are on my next to get list and maybe another mav, cause they look better two than one

    so as you can see i've jumped and dive bombed into the deep end rather than test the waters

    i'mma jeffrey, nice to meet you guys and i hope i'll fun in here n_n
    War Organiser
    War Organiser

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    Post  Mohrlock Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:32 am

    Welcome to the OzNerf Forums, Jeffrey I hope you can find your feet here nice & easily. Grammars a big thing here, so basically if you can keep on top of that, don't double-post & search the forums/internet before asking questions you'll save yourself a whole heap of newcomer grief

    You've definitely gone right into the deep end with your ambitious LS modding ideas! Hope it all works out for you Am sure you'll find some guys local to you & probably even have the odd war in NSW you might be able to attend.

    Anyways I gotta run, but nice to see another person join the forums here

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    Post  ShootEmUp Mon Oct 11, 2010 5:03 am

    Welcome mate, Its good to see people jumping right into Nerf strait away.
    Make sure you post some pictures up of your Longshot when its finished.

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