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    Perth nerfer


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    Perth nerfer Empty Perth nerfer

    Post  greyghost Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:44 pm

    Hi guys my names greyghost ,
    Only just recently got in to nerf guns but I have always been a bit of a weapons nut of sorts so i'm always tinkering away with some new idea or design .
    Which is why i came to love nerf very quickly once i discovered how easy some of the mods are .

    My self and a friend of mine (wez) have been trying to break the 100mtr barrier with distance in nerf guns
    We was getting good range with a moded titan to single shot streamline
    But in the end i found That converting a airzone hand cannon to fire stephens and streamlines was getting amazing results .

    Wez also has a 1992 crossbow nerf gun (not an official nerf gun) that he's done alot of work to as well , we were able to get
    my hand cannon to shoot constantly around 200ft .
    Wez's crossbow reached just over 100mtrs on one of the shots ,we weren't able to get it to get that far a second time , must have been the perfect alignment of the stars for that one shot
    The only mods i have done to the Hand cannon so far are , A/r removed obviously , a triple shot spring added to the hand cannon spring
    so there 2 springs in there and a barrel added to it , funny enough the barrel is actually inner tube from carbon paper out of a old fax machine that just happens to be the perfect inner diameter for streamlines
    wez's on the other had has been very heavily modified .

    He removed the front "crossbow arms" that were purely decoration and replaced this part with a section cut out of the front of a recon front barrel add-on , (There were no a/r's because of its age)
    he replaced the spring with an industrial one we found at a spring company ( this spring is insane) then replaced the barrel with 2 options ,
    1. cardboard barrel
    2. brass barrel
    The brass barrel firers the darts close to 100mtrs , the cardboard goes about 80 metres .
    The reason for the cardboard barrel is the hopes the blaster doesn't get bounced at wars , he's filled all the internals in the gun with foam to give the whole structure more inner support (stop the blaster exploding) cut the stock off it , custom paint job etc etc .

    All in all a very deadly blaster , and the best part , its the same size as a nitefinder .
    At the moment i'm trying to help with the organise of our perth based nerf groups
    And thanks to Muhrlock we now know there is a lot of us in perth who enjoy the nerf .
    So if any one wants to join our Wa nerf group on FB as well drop Muhrlock or me a msg
    Or just do a search for West Australian Society of Nerf on FB
    Any way so i'm looking to get in contact with more perth based nerfers and hopefully we can get some more epic wars organised .

    edit ( hope I have correted all spelling mistakes)

    Last edited by greyghost on Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:04 am; edited 1 time in total

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    Perth nerfer Empty Re: Perth nerfer

    Post  Winterstrike Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:24 pm

    Fix your spelling and grammar please, it's atrocious. Also learn to use paragraphs, it makes it easier to read.

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    Perth nerfer Empty Re: Perth nerfer

    Post  Saintznerf Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:54 pm

    And Welcome!

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    Perth nerfer Empty Re: Perth nerfer

    Post  greyghost Fri Dec 10, 2010 1:42 pm

    Ok guys this is a rought count on my collection
    Recon x 5
    Longshot x 4
    Deploy x 1
    Raider x 4
    Alpha Trooper x 1
    Buzzbee double shot x 3
    Hornet x 2
    Buzzsaw x 1
    Break Barrel x 1
    Vulcan x 2
    Long Strike x 2
    Airzone mini gun x 1
    Buzzbee leaver action x 1
    Buzzbee ultamate rapid baslter x 1
    buzzbee Missel balster x 1
    Buzzbee Sniper blaster x 1
    BBB ( big bad bow) x 1
    Barracade x 1
    Stampede x 2
    As-20 x 2
    Magstrike x 2
    Airzone Crossbow x 2
    Beltblaster x 1
    Nerf Power shot x 1
    Nerf dart tag guns x 2
    Big Blaster ( chinese knock off) x 2
    Titan x 2
    Mega missel x 1
    scout x 2
    Maverick x 4
    Nitefinder x 3
    Wii Nerf controler guns x 6
    Airzone hand cannon x 2
    Airzone trippleshot x 4
    Reflex x 2
    Those are what i could find when i did a quick search
    Also clip wise i have
    34 drum x 4
    18 drum x 1
    18 clip x 6
    6 clip x 22
    and more darts then i can care to count

    Not sure if that is the correct spelling for all the guns .

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    Perth nerfer Empty Re: Perth nerfer

    Post  Psykka Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:16 pm

    Welcome to the forum.

    VERY nice collection you have there.

    Halt, Hammerzeit!

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    Join date : 2009-04-16
    Age : 43
    Location : Adelaide SA

    Perth nerfer Empty Re: Perth nerfer

    Post  Winterstrike Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:18 pm

    If you're not sure about the spelling, then check it to make sure. I've already warned you about it and since you're not taking it seriously and expect us to guess what you're saying, have two weeks off.

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    Perth nerfer Empty Re: Perth nerfer

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