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    Shields, rules and balancing


    Posts : 14
    Join date : 2010-12-10
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    Location : Mandurah

    Shields, rules and balancing Empty Shields, rules and balancing

    Post  Felix Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:01 pm

    Shields, most say they are overpowered, what with being able to deflect bullets to certain degrees depending on the size, from bucklers to walking walls and mainly taking more than 1 person to take them down.

    Not anymore.
    Quite simply, shields can deflect streamlines, whistlers, micros and suction darts.
    But for those who have a Titan, Buzzbee Rocket Launcher etc you can destroy them with "explosive" damage.

    Here's how it could work; different sized shields have "health points" depending on how big or small they are, and rockets deal more damage the bigger they are.

    Large shields, 3 hit points: Custom made tower shields, riot shields, deployable cover.

    Medium shields, 2 hit points: Nerf stone wall shield, custom made shields.

    Small shields, hit point: Stampede shields, bucklers, dart tag shields, custom made shields.

    Rockets, anything around the same size as these:
    Large, deal 3 points of damage: Obviously the Titan Rocket, and anything bigger or around the same size.

    Medium, deal 2 points of damage: Anything in between big and small rockets.

    Small, deal 1 point of damage: Buzzbee Glo Rockets, Airzone Blast Bazooka shells and rockets.

    I'll be trying this out in the upcoming war in February, as we were discussing rules for shields on the facebook page, if anything it would make shields a bit more balanced and give a use for your Titan or likewise rocket launcher.

    There might even be a hilarious informational video...

    Posts : 24
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    Age : 25
    Location : Sydney

    Shields, rules and balancing Empty Re: Shields, rules and balancing

    Post  DougoDistructo Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:01 am

    This is quiet a good idea, though I haven't been to a war yet.

    What about a cardboard fort that you could lift up and carry around with approx. 20 people inside?


    Posts : 312
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    Age : 25
    Location : Emerald, Victoria, Australia

    Shields, rules and balancing Empty Re: Shields, rules and balancing

    Post  Brunius Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:40 am

    Uhhh, in FFP and FFL, a rocket destroys shields. As far as I know, thats the only situation in which we use shields anyway, so I don't see the problem

    Posts : 551
    Join date : 2010-08-07
    Age : 34
    Location : Brisbane

    Shields, rules and balancing Empty Re: Shields, rules and balancing

    Post  Joey Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:58 am

    If you play those rules than every tom, dick and harry will be carrying around a riot shield and a titan.

    Its counterstrike 1.6 all over again.

    Slydev nerf parts and accessories store

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    Age : 32
    Location : Adelaide

    Shields, rules and balancing Empty Re: Shields, rules and balancing

    Post  FaytZero Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:02 am

    As one of only 3 shield users here is SA that I know of, shield are not OP, basicly the bigger the shield the harder it is to move therefore making it easier to out flank and hit them from an uncovered angle.

    Also as said by Brunius, rockets not only destroy shields, they wipe out the players remaining lifes, A one shot if you will. And this "Hit Point" thing... I dont discurrage it in anyway, but imagine how hard it would be for keeping tally of these "Hit Point" and making it easy for others players to keep track of.

    Also the note of cheating, saying you have more "Hit Point's" then they really have. All in all, good job for trying to improve the game im just not sure this is a viable option though.

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    Shields, rules and balancing Empty Re: Shields, rules and balancing

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