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    New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD :)


    Posts : 4
    Join date : 2011-07-13
    Age : 37
    Location : Gladstone, Queensland

    New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD  :) Empty New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD :)

    Post  Koula Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:28 pm

    Hello everyone, I'm in Gladstone, Queensland (working as an officer at the wharf sites and LRZs). I like to consider myself fairly friendly and relatively down-to-earth. Some of my hobbies include gaming, painting and looking after my animals - two pythons (murray darling and bredli), a tarantula, two guinea pigs and a small family of fancy rats. (No, I don't breed and feed my rats/g-pigs as snake food, they get specially bred/culled feeder rats or bunnies from a Bundaberg supplier).

    Anyhow, I've recently gotten into the fun of the world of Nerf blasters when a co-worker showed off his Maverick and Recon. I ended up going out and getting a Maverick for myself and was awed by the range of different kinds of blasters you could get. An entire shopping mall aisle dedicated to Nerf blasters, super soakers, vests and ammo, etc. I have since bought a Stampede and with the recent stock sale I picked up a Vulcan too. (I love those big Rambo style guns, is there a Nerf Gatling Gun?) The Stampede and Vulcan are still in their boxes though, haven't had a chance to pull them out yet. Trying to source a good supplier of affordable and decent quality D batteries.

    After much googling and falling in love with other people's repainted or modded arsenals, I wanted to do the same thing. I'm a bit shy about modding though, I'm not that clued in on all the handyman work and different kinds of springs, brass tubings, re-wiring voltages and hacking or chopping up parts that a lot of folks can do. (I'd love to, but I don't wanna risk wrecking them, and I'd need someone to show me how it's done properly, DIY How-to picture guides and Youtube guides can be pretty hazy at times).

    So yeah, here's a pic of my repainted Maverick. Following the advice of many sites saying to wash and sand between coats, I used Tamiya paints, using Gloss Black for the blaster's main body and turret section and Matt Black on the handle parts. Gunmetal Silver for the metallic areas and a cool dark purple/blue for the grip and aesthetic bits. The purple is actually more dark-blueish lavendar purple in real life, for some reason, the camera flash has made it look more of a lilac purple. I also hit it with a few coats of matt/satin varnishes.

    I know painting blasters mostly or all-black is frowned upon, but I don't think I'll be fooling about in public places with it anytime soon, (my folks own a large acreage of property out bush with heaps of trees/stuff to hide about anyway).

    New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD  :) 345lj6r

    I'm also keen to sand down and repaint the Stampede and Vulcan when I get the time to, just need to decide on what colours/camo patterns, etc. (and no, NO neon hot pink or Hello Kitty!/My Little Pony style guns in my house just cuz I'm a lady!)

    PS: Kind of curious if there's many (or any?) aussie girl nerfers out there or if it's pretty much totally dominated by guys. (yes, I'm a bit of a tomboy, I was raised on Lego, Ninja Turtles, Transformers and other awesome stuff while my sister was more into Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids) I'm also getting into fishing too, so an extra hello to all the nerfers here that like to angle as well.

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    Join date : 2010-06-30
    Age : 29
    Location : North brisbane

    New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD  :) Empty Re: New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD :)

    Post  killerbunny Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:35 pm

    Hey nice to have you here and that is a nice paint job. Yes. there a few girl nerfers around.

    BTW that is the longest Hello Post I've ever seen.

    Posts : 296
    Join date : 2010-12-16
    Location : launceston

    New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD  :) Empty Re: New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD :)

    Post  abowden Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:38 pm

    welcome to Oznerf! If you want to get into modding, just mod a night finder, you will be satisfied with it.

    Posts : 361
    Join date : 2010-10-30
    Age : 37
    Location : Granville, Queensland

    New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD  :) Empty Re: New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD :)

    Post  Dietzie Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:46 pm

    G'day and welcome to the forum. To get your hand in for modding pick yourself up a NiteFinder or two and just have at it. They are cheap enough to sacrifice and easy to learn on.
    There are a couple of female nerfers on the forum and my local group is actually mostly female.

    To grow old is inevitable
    To grow up is optional
    Adult member of the NIC: I PLAY WITH TOY GUNS AND I VOTE

    Trying to bring organized wars to the Fraser Coast

    Facebook: Knownas Dietzie. Find me through Brisbane Nerf Group or Fraser Coast Nerf Group

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    Age : 23
    Location : Gold Coast, Queensland.

    New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD  :) Empty Re: New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD :)

    Post  False Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:48 pm

    Welcome to Oznerf. Good to see some of the ladies getting in to Nerf, haha.

    Nice detail on the paintjob, I also like painting my guns.

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    Age : 23
    Location : North Brisbane

    New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD  :) Empty Re: New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD :)

    Post  Unknown Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:56 pm


    Just letting you know, once you get into modding you just can't stop, I started just over a year ago and have already modified 20+ blasters, attended 8+ wars and even hosted one myself.

    That's a pretty awesome paint job by the way, be sure to post some pictures of you stampede/vulcan when you Finnish them!

    If you'd like to get into modding, there are plenty of great tutorials around here but if you need any help feel free to ask someone, or post it in the questions thread.

    As for paint schemes, why not try some classic boy styles, like bob the builder or Ben 10? ]

    anyway, welcome to Oznerf. Have a great stay.

    Posts : 2953
    Join date : 2011-02-02
    Age : 41
    Location : Blackwater, Queensland

    New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD  :) Empty Re: New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD :)

    Post  clunk07 Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:49 pm

    Hey, Welcome to OzNerf.

    Good to have someone on here fairly close to myself for a change.

    That's a really nice paint job on the Maverick, you should find painting the Stampede to be very rewarding.

    If you have any questions on modding, just flick me a PM - gotta look after the few CQ members on here!! haha

    But, seriously, get yourself a NF and another Mav, and just go for it. The worst case scenario, is you'll be down a few dollars. But, at least it's not like ruining a Stampede or Longshot.

    Honestly though, Stampede's are pretty simple to mod too, just quietly.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your time here.

    War Organiser
    War Organiser

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    Location : Brisbane Boi!

    New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD  :) Empty Re: New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD :)

    Post  littlebro05 Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:44 pm

    I didnt' see the part where you mentioend you were female. The female friends I bring enjoy HvZ way more than normal wars just due to the fact of the roleplaying of a 'zombie apocolypse'.

    They don't really like normal wars :(.

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    New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD  :) Empty Re: New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD :)

    Post  redcricket077 Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:15 am

    Hey Welcome to Oznerf!

    That is an awesome paintjob, so clean. I hope you have a nice time here

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    New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD  :) Empty Re: New Nerfer from Gladstone, QLD :)

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