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    Nerf vortex line


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    Nerf vortex line Empty Nerf vortex line

    Post  Joey Fri Oct 14, 2011 8:33 pm

    Thought I would start up a more detailed thread dedicated to the discussion of the vortex line (the older thread was more about first impressions). No not in comparison to the dart tag/n-strike lines. But more to discuss peoples experiences, what they think they will be used in (if at all) and also modding potential.

    Today I was playing with a vigilon and a praxis:
    Nerf vortex line Vigilon Nerf vortex line 13445290

    I have found that the design in these are pretty awesome, with a ton of safety locks that make for quite an advance build. The ability to remove the disc from the gun without firing it is pretty cool however it seems that it keeps the gun primed (not that you can fire it at all with out a disc in there).

    Both the guns have some pretty huge range and would be pretty awesome at stock wars, with the let down being only able to hold 10 shots (edit: 20 for the nitron) and a loss in accuracy. However a nifty skill with these guys is the ability to shoot around corners (curve shot). They would also be pretty good in H.V.Z. I believe, though they do pack a little bit more of a punch than the standard nerf darts.

    Was going to talk about modding potential but it looks like SG nerf is already on the case:
    With a 30% increase in range by just tweaking it a little I have to say that is quite impressive. Looking at 70-80ft (21-24.5m) FLAT that is pretty damn good for a stock gun with a minor tweak. I am not sure how much angling the shot will increase the range though with the way the discs fly. Those T.A.G guys might have to change their rules

    Next I am wondering how hard it would be to make a custom version of the ammo. From what a lot of people have said these things are easy to loose and looking online they cost about 60c a disk ($5.95/pack of 10). Possibly is a same size foam tubing that can be cut down and glue a disk of plastic tubing on top for weight.

    Sure it is no BBBB or brass breached longshot, but out of the box these seem to be some fun blasters that can certainly have their place in the less OP wars (and especially HVZ). I will probably pick up a Praxis tomorrow and play around with it to see what I can find out.

    How are the proton and the nitron? What does everyone else think of the whole line? Is the 20 disc clip for the nitron big and clunky? I Wonder when the clips themselves will be available for sale.

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    War Organiser
    War Organiser

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    Nerf vortex line Empty Re: Nerf vortex line

    Post  littlebro05 Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:14 am

    I've played with the Nitron. It's pretty bad actually. Was at inf0rm3r's house and messing around with it. The fly wheel is extremely dodgy. It curves when shot.

    Where as it seems that the other 'vortex lines' shoots straight due to the spring loaded facing in vertical direction where as the fly wheel in a horizontal direction.

    The scope itself is pretty cool, put it on my big blast and works relatively well.

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    Nerf vortex line Empty Re: Nerf vortex line

    Post  LostBoy Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:49 am

    The Proton is acctually pretty good. Disk's curve abit before the land on the ground.

    Its pretty accurate aswell.

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    Nerf vortex line Empty Re: Nerf vortex line

    Post  Zandor Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:23 am

    I *owned* (past tense explained soon) all of them so here's my experience with them:


    Very good, and yet not a lot to it, which is probably a good thing. Quick and easy to reload (I love the little switch press to load the disk in; its a nice touch :3), gets long ranges, as well as being comfortable and light.

    The only main drawback is it's bulkiness; for a single shooter it is awkward to try to holster or carry around.
    I found the Proton to have more range than the Vigilon and about the same as the Praxis ... but that just could be *my* blasters.


    My preferred 'sidearm' rather than the proton. Sure it's big and bulky, but similar to a Recon/Maverick love child.

    Reloading time is average (since sometimes it can be a bit fiddly trying to stack the disks ontop of each other in the built-in clip) but the rate of fire is excellent and is what really makes it worth carrying a Vigilon around.

    PROTIP: You can actually fit 7 disks in without jamming it. You load six disks in, prime it so it loads a disk onto the launch sled, then fit another disk in. +2 more than what the Nerf recommendation is, and no modding required!


    My favourite of the current Vortex range. It's essentially a magazine-fed, pump action shotgun... who WOULDN'T want one?

    Despite the Vortex range being generally clunky in size, the Praxis actually feels the most justified considering the pump action grip, being magazine fed and can take a shoulder stock attachment, plus being designed as a 'rifle'-esque size, not with a "as small as possible" restriction.

    Be careful though; I've actually bought two Praxis' with manufacturing problems, and online it seems to be a common case. My first one kept dropping the magazine out if I pulled the trigger too quickly, especially when the pump action grip hadn't fully returned yet. My second Praxis had the issue of not accepting the Nitron 20 magazine... but I took out the long post with a spring on it and now it works fine, so mild modding required. I didn't take either back since now I have one that DOES work, and the other for spare parts. Despite this, definitely going to be my primary during indoor / close quarters wars.

    PROTIP: You can do the same kind of trick as the Vigilon; load 10 disks into the clip, prime it so it loads one onto the launch sled, then pull out the magazine and refill with another disk. Voila; 11 shots ready to go.


    Just don't. Seriously the worst Vortex, below-average flywheel blaster, and not really worth modding from what I've seen. The only reason why you SHOULD buy one (cheap if you can) is for the 20 disk clip for your much more superior Praxis.

    Before badgering on about the Nitron's flaws, the 20 disk clip is insanely helpful for the Praxis. LordDraconical on YouTube said he finds it 'a bit long and clunky' but I find it doesn't get in the way at all... unless you've got big arms and holding it wrong.

    It's huge, the front grip isn't detachable and for some people can feel awkward (so-so for me personally, my friends hate it) and it's just too loooooooong. The weight isn't actually too bad, but obviously better once done a battery mod.

    The Nitron shoots about a similar range as the Praxis, but here's the big drawback list for me: the speed it fires the disks at is slow, the rate of fire is too slow for a battery operated Nerf, but worst of all, the REACTION SPEED is terrible! It takes me half a second from pulling the trigger (after the flywheels are fully spinning) to the gun actually pushing the disk into position, then another fraction of a second for the flywheels to actually grip and spit the disk out. Not impressed. It seems the voltage mod helps this... *a bit*... still not all that impressed considering all the other drawbacks.

    The scope is a bit hit-and-miss...looks awesome, but isn't really all that functional. In bright daylight you can't see the lights much, in darkness you ONLY see the lights xD I'll probably chop this one up and turn it into some other type of scope or aesthetic mod.

    Overall Opinion

    Reason why I said *owned* (past tense) at the start is I've given my brother the Proton since he liked it a lot, and I tend to use the Vigilon instead, but also due to how awesome the Praxis is I've actually disowned the Nitron that it's that bad ... definitely either going to be chopped up for future potential modding projects, or maybe even sell it to someone who doesn't need the ammo clip or the scope...

    In summation, I find the Vortex 'tech' to be very cool. The long ranges are fun, the only drawback being they travel slower the longer they drift, but are still accurate and fast at close-mid ranges. Very satisfying to ricochet off walls and curve around corners. Out of the current Vortex range, the Vigilon being quite flexible and the Praxis being the most powerful, I think Nerf have done a *good* job. I wouldn't say ground-breaking in that dart blasters are still my preferred armoury choice, the Proton would have been nice a little smaller if it was possible, and the Nitron does not deserve to be called the 'flagship' Vortex model.

    Hope this helps anyone make a judgement on these Vortex blasters
    War Organiser
    War Organiser

    Posts : 2533
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    Age : 29
    Location : Brisbane Boi!

    Nerf vortex line Empty Re: Nerf vortex line

    Post  littlebro05 Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:46 am

    My biggest complaint is how expensive the discs are.

    Posts : 551
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    Nerf vortex line Empty Re: Nerf vortex line

    Post  Joey Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:06 pm

    So I picked up a praxis and have been playing around with it. I do really like it. Looks like a plasma gun of some sort which is cool. Very accurate within 10m but after that will curve to the right (which makes angled shots almost impossible).

    My biggest beef with the gun right now is that I only have 10 shots with no way to get more (sans paying $16.50 for a clip and 10 discs from amazon/buying another gun). With that limitation once the 10 shots are gone the gun is worthless. I would love to be able to get my hands on a 20-clip and possibly another 10 with ammo to boot.

    Otherwise I can see this being a great gun for stock wars and HvZ.

    Another possible use for it would be for an indoor war as you can bounce the disks off wars and curve them around cover. With enough practice it could really become a great gun for anti cover.

    Later I will try SG nerf's spring adjustment mod and if I remember take a photo of the insides for the directory.

    I wonder if nerf will continue to add to this line or if they will leave it in the dust. Only time will tell I guess.

    A couple more notes:
    • The stock is a little flimsey, like the raider stock but not as bad, this is made up by its design, it has a curve which feels great against my shoulder. A mix of this stock and the raider stock would be the best.
    • Both the stock and the magazine release are on both sides of the gun, something I hope nerf do with their future blasters.
    • If you try and slam fire with the gun it locks up and you have to use the anti-jam to get the disc out.
    • At $29.95 the blaster is priced well for what it is. Possibly due to nerf being worried about the adaption rate of a new gun, or just it being so close to xmas.
    • The gun seems to jam a hell of a lot less than the dart system ones, mainly because the discs don't bend and get caught in the chamber or magazine.
    • The discs are way too easy to loose

    If they could make one where you could choose which way it curves (by maybe a toggle switch that connects the spring to a different 'flicker') that would be really cool.

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    Nerf vortex line Empty Re: Nerf vortex line

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