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If you're new to the forums please do the following.
1. Read the Forum Rules before posting!
2. Update your location, age and avatar TRUTHFULLY
3. Introduce yourself in the Welcome to Oznerf forum section =)



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    Forum Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING) + Member Details Update and Procedures

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    War Organiser

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    Forum Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING) +  Member Details Update and Procedures  Empty Forum Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING) + Member Details Update and Procedures

    Post  littlebro05 Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:19 pm

    Forum Rules (Read BEFORE Posting)

    Welcome to Oznerf. To make your stay more enjoyable please follow these rules and guidelines.

    -Ages 12+
    -No spamming and making useless posts and topics
    -No Bullying, Trolling and flaming
    -No porn
    -No plagiarism
    -No racist language
    -Stay on topic.
    -Use Correct Spelling and Grammar.
    -No Posting in topics where the last post was 4 or more months ago, unless it is actually contributing to the thread content.
    -No multiple accounts.
    -No multi posting, unless it is really worth it.
    -Signatures are to be text only
    -No advertising of other forums on this forum.
    -No Back Seat Moderating. This will NOT be tolerated. There is the reason why we have Moderators and Admins.
    -Everyone is required to have an avatar, their real age and real location visible on their profile.
    -Please read the FAQ section, located here: http://www.oznerf.com/t2096-oznerf-s-frequently-asked-questions

    Administrators uses a Strike system. Breaking theses rules will land you a strike; 3 strikes and you'll be banned (to the Administrators' discretion).
    Moderators use a Warning System. 1 Warning and then if you break the Rules again, it is up to the Administrators discretion as to what will happen.

    Note: If there is some gross misbehaviour or not following any of the Administrators' decisions or directions, you may be subject to an on-the-spot ban. This ban is however long the Admin decides, as is all bans.

    Now take the time to read over some of these guidelines, they will help you from getting into trouble.

    Spelling and Grammar
    Is it really that hard to use post using real English? This isn't instant messaging, you have time to type out a well thought out post. Posting something like: “lol guiez I have recon and ar remuve do I gud nurfer pwnz” will get you no respect. On a forum the only way people can make judgment on who you are is in the way you type, so if your typical posting habits consist of mashing your face onto the keyboard, people will believe that you're stupid and they will treat you like an idiot.


    Before quoting someone's post in your reply, do NOT include the pictures that member has posted. This is to keep the forum loading the page quicker. Also, do NOT create a chain quote. For example:

    clunk07 wrote:
    royal86 wrote:
    clunk07 wrote:
    ... I think Royal will be fairly impressed with it too!!


    Ken' Oath that's AWESOME!!!

    Hit me up with final costs and did you happen to make up a barrel for the PAS?


    Hey mate,

    Just doing a few final adjustments to the breech, should have it 100% shortly. I'll let you know the final cost once I've got it packaged up, probably towards the end of next week if things go to plan. As normal, things have gotten a bit chaotic with juggling work, my daughter and Nerf etc.
    I have finished your PAS barrel though.


    Obviously, for the neatness of the forum, do NOT go quote after quote. Thanks

    Useful topics
    Before making a topic, ask yourself this question: has this topic already been made? Use the search function to find out or check the stickied threads. If you're feeling egotistic about your brand new toy and you want to show it off, take a picture and post it in the Post pictures of your guns thread. Avoid making whole topics asking where to buy a specific gun. Look through the Available Nerf blasters in Australia thread, instead. If you can't find it, then the shops in Australia probably don't sell it.
    If a thread is LOCKED or DELETED for any reason at all, do not create another thread addressing the same content. It was locked or deleted for a reason.

    Relevant topic titles
    Make sure you use relevant titles on your topics. Be specific about what is in the thread, so it makes it easier to search for the topic in the future. Instead of putting something like Recon or Pissy luser gun cs-69; use something like: Recon Brass Breaching Guide.

    Make sure you check the date of the last post in a topic, before you post in it. Any longer than 4 months and you'd better not do it. If its something like an old writeup and you need some help, your better off sending that person a PM. There are some threads that are none Necroable, one such example is the Good traders feedback thread.

    Keep them text only. Why? It keeps the pages loading faster.

    Advertising Forums Pertaining to Nerf
    Advertising other forums and using this place as free banner space is a no-no on this site. We're not going to tell everyone off from making little communities being set up in their own time. These measures are only in place to prevent plugging for the sake of plugging. We're fine with people listing any links that may pertain valuable information and insight to modifications and whatnot; it's only a crackdown on people who try to advertise other websites to invite people to join their little communities.

    Multi Posting
    Basically, it means posting more than once in a row. Its best to avoid this, but in some cases it'll be allowed if you have a good reason.
    I need help with moddding my recon, what does this piece do?

    Oh don't worry I worked it out.

    But if its something like this:
    I need help with moddding my recon, what does this piece do?

    Please Help!!!!!1111!!!!one1111uno11111!!!!!1

    That is not allowed.

    But the most important rule is:
    Think before you post

    Courtesy of Roger Explosion

    Member Details Update and Procedures

    In light of the recent events of the massive intake of new members, the administration will now be placing measures to help enforce this rule that seemed to have lost its importance with a lot of the members here:

    - Everyone is required to have an avatar, their real age and real location visible on their profile

    It's a standard fare within all members here. Disclosing location and age especially can help to identify new recruits for wars and help us to be able to guide you through any queries relating to places and such. Avatars allow for the forum in itself to look spiffy and organised with everyone keeping to their own unique identity.

    That said, these new measures will aim to improve quality across the forum:

    • All new members must comply to the rule within two weeks of making their first post. If after two weeks that they do not comply completely to the rule after their next post, a suspension may be sanctioned.

    • All existing members must comply to the rule within two weeks of this notice. If after two weeks that they do not comply completely to the rule after the next post, a suspension may be sanctioned.

    The duration of the suspension will depend, to the sole discretion of the administrator, on how much the profile is non-compliant with the rule as well as any other rules broken by the member.

    Avatars must not be offensive in nature, and may be changed by administrators at sole discretion.

    The minimum standard of information required is as follows:

    • Major city


    • Nearby suburb/town, State

    OR (if overseas)

    • Nearby town, Country

    Which is to say at the very least that it's not too much to ask for.

    Thank you for your co-operation,

    Courtesy of Silent Scope (previous admin)

    This is just a summary of the two separate procedures you must follow. If you want to stay out of trouble, you better read it!

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