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    1:10 RC Dori


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    1:10 RC Dori Empty 1:10 RC Dori

    Post  royal86 Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:09 pm

    This is a copyandpasta from melbrc.org where Im also a member,

    So I've got a bit of time off work and to keep my hands busy I've been reignited with the flame that is Drift RC and pulled out my old TT01.

    Ordered a TT01E RX7 RTR for $200 and I've bought some stuff to upgrade it to a more drift ready level. Alloy shaft, alloy heatsink, metal bearings, hard/soft springs, YR Lock Diff.

    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-29110209

    I know TT01 are a more entry level option but Im quite happy with how they handle, cost, availability of parts and upgrade options.

    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-29183110
    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-29183240

    Also cleared out the garage since I sold my AE86, measured it up and I've got 6m x 4m to work with. I really want to make multi level so I bought a Mitre saw/stand combo and about 10m of pine for the framework and uprights.

    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-21105319

    Once I've got that all laid out I'll be using 3mm MDF and carpet. All up will be 25msq carpeted and about half that for the uper level and ramps. Also ordered about 20m of wire to power the street lamps and caution lights etc.... About 10m white LED strips to light the underpass.

    Decided to take apart a static S15 I had to use the interior and maybe use the engine, wheel wells etc for a faux engine bay. Hacked the Coppermix shell to get idea's for fitment of engine bay and dash interior. I also use it to practice drilling, cutting, stripping paint off just a real practice shell.

    Will order a Tamiya 190mm S15 so that should be coming together in the next couple of months.

    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-25135909
    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-25163125
    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-25163101
    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-25174518

    Fixed up the Cresta body and secured the light bucket's down, taped up the bumper and ziptied, just a general clean up. Drew over the bonnet to cover up the n00b body post holes I made just as a distraction. Love the shell so I'll try not turn it into a basher.

    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-30222225
    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-30230814

    Will be working on flip headlights for the RX7 over the next couple of weeks so that should be exciting. Also have a 3Racing TT01 M Chassis conversion to finish as well so I'll let my daughter use that one when it's completed. Thinking a MX5 body or VW Bug?

    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-30193650
    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-30194502
    1:10 RC Dori 2011-09-30194848

    Sorry for the essay and pic overload but enjoy!


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    1:10 RC Dori Empty Re: 1:10 RC Dori

    Post  oxymoron Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:46 pm

    Notion but win right here!

    I've been mucking round with my RC drifter again lately. I'm too lazy to actually make it look good though. Nice work.

    "...My presence is a present - Kiss my a$$..." K. West

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    1:10 RC Dori Empty Re: 1:10 RC Dori

    Post  evozn Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:47 pm

    You had an AE86? They any good? Hard to obtain?

    Posts : 141
    Join date : 2011-04-08
    Age : 36
    Location : W.A the sdrawkcab State

    1:10 RC Dori Empty Re: 1:10 RC Dori

    Post  royal86 Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:04 pm

    Thanks gais!

    Yeah I dropped a load on rcmart about a month a go and recieved a nice little package.

    1:10 RC Dori 2011-10-18092209

    Picked up a 3ch Spektrum to run the flip headlights, LEDs, ESC, Sport Tuned 540, wing kit and accessories, spares for the M-Chassis, drift tires, bearings, servos and a 4600mah.

    1:10 RC Dori 2011-10-18092740

    Here I used some coat hangar wire and bent it into shape. I also used a servo arm to actuate the lights when the 3rd ch is flicked, cut and stuck on the headlight lid with some straw hot glued in place.

    You can see the lights wired in and fixed, now I need to fine tune the servo and receiver to set the height of the 3rd channel when used fun fml

    1:10 RC Dori 2011-10-28212416

    Yeah I had an AE86 Sprinter but sold it in need of a 4 door. It was an ADM that was converted:

    JDM Bigport 4AGE, Kouki LSD Disc rear end, 'blue' TRD short stroke and TRD 10kg springs, JDM T50, half cage, Cusco struts coming out of the ass, Cusco coilover front, NRCA, JDM disc brake, braided brake lines, JDM EFI fuel tank and lines converted, Cusco master stopper, Letterbox headlight+foglight ($500), Kouki Redlines ($600), MA61 skidders, bit of flared guard work, Velo bucket seats, 30cm dildo shifter,Takumi chime (JDM repz) heaps of other stuff that drained my wallet constantly.... It even had a sunroof

    Very fun car and was quite a steal when I bought it. I got it for 2k about 4 years ago with 1-2 months reg on it. It didn't have any mods at all, was stock standard carby. Drove it home, parked it in the garage and sourced an import that would have all above mentioned goodies plus more already installed direct from the motherland, Japan.

    I sourced my donor car through the importers and had it dropped off on my driveway. It was a Kouki Trueno Notchback but it had abit too much rust to run that car as a daily. So i swapped everything out of the Trueno into the Sprinter.

    Now some would call me crazy but I didn't like the Trueno headlights so I gave, yes gave them to a mate.

    I had learnt quite alot from doing the whole conversion in my own driveway, a real eye opener. Also nothing like giving an excuse to the missus to buy more tools *ninja*

    I must admit they are fun car and my one got quite loose on the back end when keen. I wouldnt mind getting another one eventually but it wont be so stripped and bare like my old one just a nice streeter.

    In closing:

    They are easy to obtain but be prepared to fork out for after the purchase price for maintenance and general repair
    When things go wrong I found body panels can be hard to get, seek and you shall find
    They are EASY to steal, at the minimum change the door locks to Solex and get an engine immobiliser
    eg I was with a mate going to check out an AE86 for a test drive but the lady wouldn't be home for 30 minutes or so. I got my key and let's just say by the time the lady got home, my mate didn't need to take it for a test drive
    There are people who have gone next level and have converted them with SR20, CA18 even 13B! so the support for them is out there

    Most importantly since the whole initial D thing prices for AE86s, especially Truenos, have been hit with Takumi Tax that has seen people ask a little extra on top of their final sale price. Expect to pay or at the minimum find yourself bidding against at least two other interested parties.


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