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    Humans Vs Zombies Victoria: The Lewis Park Defence


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    Age : 28
    Location : east bentleigh, melbourne

    Humans Vs Zombies Victoria: The Lewis Park Defence Empty Humans Vs Zombies Victoria: The Lewis Park Defence

    Post  Obsidianmike Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:11 am

    Basic Details:

    Sunday, 8 January 2012
    11:00 until 15:30


    Lewis Park, behind Knox City Shopping Centre

    Facebook Group:

    More deatails:


    Well, well isn't this exciting. It's the first HvZ Vic event of 2012 and your help is needed more than ever; this time at Lewis Park where the next inevitable zombie outbreak has occurred! So grab your Nerf gun (or similar zombie smashing device) and head on down!

    The registration area will be set up in the carpark, you can't miss it on the day! Pre-registration/online registration is available at http://www.humansvszombiesvictoria.com.au/event-registration.html

    Please be nice and polite to everyone, especially as we have a cricket club using one of the ovals, that oval and surrounding it will be out of bounds.

    Please Note- on account of them being REALLY overpowered, no melee weapons are to be used during this game.

    ALSO NOTE: This is a game of HONESTY. Please be fair, and if you come to a disagreement over anything, be the mature one and just accept what happened. Besides, being a zombie is fun as

    Humans VS Zombies RULES

    Humans vs. Zombies is a game of tag, All players begin as humans, with a few chosen to be the “Original Zombies.” The Original Zombie tags human players and turns them into zombies. The zombies must tag a human to make them a zombie.

    This gear is required for all players:
    • Bandana
    • Nerf gun and socks *socks optional* (socks must be balled up and thrown)
    Rules created for the safety of all players are strictly enforced. Violation of safety rules will result in a ban from the game.
    1. No realistic looking weaponry.
    2. Players must not leave the designated playing area.
    3. Players may not use cars
    4. NO MELEE WEAPONS. If a non-nerf dart gun is used, Darts must not hurt on impact.* nerf guns are the best quality anyway, and you'll be able to use other peoples nerf ammo.
    *If you’re not sure about this, message Michael or Alastair.
    Stunning a Zombie: Humans may stun a Zombie for 30 seconds. if you believe you didn't get shot, and they believe they shot you, just suck it up- lets not have any arguments. on the other hand, don't say you shot someone when you didn't. it will be better for everyone if you all play by the rules.
    When Tagged By a Zombie: When tagged by a Zombie, a Human becomes a member of the Zombie team. Wear your bandanna around your head – you are now allowed to tag other humans to make them zombies.
    Wearing a Headband: Humans must wear a headband (bandanna) around an arm or leg to identify them as players of the game. (This headband will come in handy when you become a zombie, as zombies must wear theirs on their head.)

    Wearing Your Headband: Zombies must wear a bandanna around their heads at all times. The Original Zombie does not need to wear a headband..
    Tagging: A tag is a firm touch to any part of a Human. this means no "oh but i swear i brushed your jacket". on the other hand, if your a zombie, for gods sake don't pummel your human
    Getting Shot: When shot with a Nerf gun or hit with a sock a Zombie is stunned for 30 seconds. they sit/stand on the spot for the 30 seconds and may not interact with the game in any way. This includes shielding other zombies from bullets or continuing to run toward a human.
    Shooting Non-Players: Shooting non-players with Nerf darts is a ban-able offence. we just wont let you back or be part of any more games of nerf vs zombie.


    Safe Zones: A zombie must have both feet outside of a safe zone to tag a human. Humans can stun zombies from inside of a safe-zone.
    No Shields: Zombies may not use shields to deflect Nerf darts or socks. However they can hide behind trees and pillars etc.

    Guys don't be stupid and throw rocks and sticks and stuff. Nerf guns only. Zombies may not pick up guns.

    When humans are tagged they wait a little while before they become zombies. Once you put your bandanna on your head you are a zombie... You must put your bandanna around your head before you're able to make tags.


    I have been informed to inform you that this is a NO SMOKING/ALCOHOL event. And make sure you look after the park and and be gracious to the public. This has not been an issue in the past but as the events are getting bigger I thought this was worth mentioning.

    NB: The Facebook group has really been buzzing with activity recently which is awesome.
    If you're not a member join here
    Also have a look at: www.facebook.com/humansvszombiesvictoria
    And our Website http://www.humansvszombiesvictoria.com.au/

    If you read all that "Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang Walla walla, bing bang"
    War Organiser
    War Organiser

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    Age : 29
    Location : Brisbane Boi!

    Humans Vs Zombies Victoria: The Lewis Park Defence Empty Re: Humans Vs Zombies Victoria: The Lewis Park Defence

    Post  littlebro05 Mon Dec 26, 2011 1:14 am

    I was wondering what your fb group was called. I've just advertised it for you on the stickied threads for facebook groups.

    It seems that now alot of members attending wars are coming from facebook rather than the forums. Keep up the good work man =)!

    Posts : 248
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    Location : Victoria, Australia's Resident Police State

    Humans Vs Zombies Victoria: The Lewis Park Defence Empty Re: Humans Vs Zombies Victoria: The Lewis Park Defence

    Post  Reaper Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:31 am

    Can't make it to this one (family wedding on the day), but do you plan to hold your next one at either Lewis Park or Bayswater? Because of where I live, those are about as far north as I can reasonably make it. Also, Bayswater Park was an awesome location for an HvZ game.

    Deepest apologies,

    - Reaper

    Posts : 72
    Join date : 2010-03-10
    Age : 28
    Location : east bentleigh, melbourne

    Humans Vs Zombies Victoria: The Lewis Park Defence Empty Re: Humans Vs Zombies Victoria: The Lewis Park Defence

    Post  Obsidianmike Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:34 am

    Hey Guys!

    The Lewis Park Skate and BMX Facility is located within Lewis Park off Lewis Road in Wantirna. (Melways Reference 64 B10).

    Well I just thought I might tell you guys that tomorrow it looks likely to rain, however we are still going ahead. There is a shelter that will be a safe zone if the weather gets really bad, but otherwise a little rain never killed a zombie or infected a human with the T virus as far as i know, so we will go ahead as planned. In the past when we have had rain it has been sporadic in any case, and the rest of the event has been fine.

    Furthermore, the map can be found here:


    and you may notice a few red circles. these are out of bounds areas, the most important being the drain.
    Due to the rain, and for safety reasons, the drain inlet, and any other drainage system is STRICTLY out of bounds, and offenders found breaking this rule will be issued with a formal warning and may receive a temporary ban from our events.
    I will repeat this on the day, but you have your warning now. We do not and cannot take your safety for granted, and as such it is vital that you heed all of our rules and regulations. As for the skate park, this is also out of bounds, and we ask people to avoid this area in order to avoid disturbing the skaters.

    If somebody approaches or insults you, please do not retaliate, instead call
    0433 891 248
    and walk away.

    Sorry to be such a grouch in this long email, but these messages needed to be addressed. I hope to see you all tomorrow for some awesome zombie slaying and brain eating, for i certainly plan on doing a little of both!


    Humans Vs Zombies Team

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    Humans Vs Zombies Victoria: The Lewis Park Defence Empty Re: Humans Vs Zombies Victoria: The Lewis Park Defence

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