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    Nerf Doctor
    Nerf Doctor

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    Post  Nerf Doctor Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:50 am

    As you may remember, I took the SNAP, and I made it my size, also know as awesomely big. This turned out a little "eh". Well, this time I took the PVAT 2.0, also known as VenPVAT, and made it awesomely big, and dubbed it the "Epic PVAT", and this is the writeup.

    First, the whole safety rant: Never use globbity plastic cements, always wear eye protection, protection is important, and wear a respirator when exposed to fumes. Always use a vice to hold your junk, not your or other people's hands. Now, onward!
    First, stuff needed!
    EPVAT-Epic PVAT P2170010
    Stuff you need from this pic is the 1/4" bolt(preferably carriage), 5/8L beveled faucet washer, 3/16" ID x 5/16" OD orings, 1/8" pipe nipple(needs to be hex), 1/2" to 1/8" bushing, 2" to 1/2" bushing x2, 2" coupler. Not pictured: 1/8" cap, strong spring, spacer.
    EPVAT-Epic PVAT P2190010
    First, sand the smooth part of your bolt. I did this by placing it in the chuck of a drill and spinning it while holding sandpaper to it. Sand until the nipple slides easily along the bolt.
    EPVAT-Epic PVAT P2190014
    Assemble the rear of your PVAT like so, using teflon tape between threaded connections, and PVC cement between slip joints.
    EPVAT-Epic PVAT P2190019
    Drill out your 1/8" cap with a 1/4" bit.
    EPVAT-Epic PVAT P2190021
    Drill a 7/16" hole in the side of the tank.
    EPVAT-Epic PVAT P2190022
    Tap the hole with a 1/4" NPT tap.
    EPVAT-Epic PVAT P2190023
    Yeah, I tapped that!
    EPVAT-Epic PVAT P2170012
    Assemble your pin setup.
    EPVAT-Epic PVAT P2190026
    Assemble the tank with a 1/4" fitting in the tapped hole. Add a pump, and your good to go!
    EPVAT-Epic PVAT P2220010
    You now have an EPVAT!
    You can just use a normal coupler, I wanted mine disassembleable in case of problems. You can also just tap a 1/8" hole in a plug for the back, again, this was a first attempt, wanted to keep possible problem places to a minimum.
    Ranges:No official ranges, as it's crazy windy here.
    Unofficial ranges are as stands:
    With Absolver and stock suctioney's:Around 60', with roughly a 10' spread, at 4 pumps
    With short improvisational barrel of around 2.5" and stock wistler:scary fast at 3 pumps

    Also, lithium grease is the suggested lubrication method. I happen to have a can of liquid wrench lithium grease, so good to go.

    Note: This doesn't show the oring later added to improve the front seal.

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    EPVAT-Epic PVAT Empty Re: EPVAT-Epic PVAT

    Post  clunk07 Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:33 pm

    Really nice work mate. I attempted this some time ago, but sourcing parts from my location became a nightmare. Well done!!


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    EPVAT-Epic PVAT Empty Re: EPVAT-Epic PVAT

    Post  sniperdude49 Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:30 am

    Are you going to reproduce these to sell to us? I want one soooo bad

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    EPVAT-Epic PVAT Empty Re: EPVAT-Epic PVAT

    Post  MRGenie Fri May 25, 2012 1:40 pm

    sniperdude49 wrote:Are you going to reproduce these to sell to us? I want one soooo bad
    True dat man



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