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    Air Tank Reinforcment


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    Air Tank Reinforcment Empty Air Tank Reinforcment

    Post  makeitgo Wed May 16, 2012 9:53 am

    This idea was originally inspired by xxSlimxx's Titan Strike. I've gone on to apply this method to most of my air blasters that involve having a plugged pump. (AT2K, AT3K, SM1500 etc.)

    Most tank reinforcements/repairs that I've seen, involve using PVC end caps or the like. The only
    problem with this is being able to find an end cap that will fit. Especially if your tank is an irregular shape.
    Although the tank in this write up (SM3K) would be relatively easy to find an end cap for, I wanted to illustrate a method that could be applied to virtually any air tank.

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0001

    This occurred at roughly 3.5 pumps (stock pump, plugged).

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0002

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0003

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0004

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0005

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0006

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0007

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0008

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0009

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0010

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0011

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0012

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0013

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0014

    Air Tank Reinforcment Tank0015

    I've tested my reinforced tanks against my equivalent non-reinforced tanks and can say that they can handle at least twice the psi.

    I'ved pumped my reinforced SM1500 tank up to 90 PSI with no sign of rupturing, where as my non-reinforced tank blew after a few shots at 45 psi. My AT3K is more than adequate at 45 psi but I've had it up to 80 psi without incident.

    The SM3k tank above, could only take a maximum of 4 pumps before. Now it takes 8 pumps, no problem. It could probably handle 10 but I'll keep it at 8 just to be safe.

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    Air Tank Reinforcment Empty Re: Air Tank Reinforcment

    Post  Acerised Wed May 16, 2012 11:02 am

    I just love your work MIG. Ill definitely use this in the future.

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