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January 2022


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    Queensland Underwood Park Team Battles 5 V 5 (UP TB) 2012


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    Queensland Underwood Park Team Battles 5 V 5 (UP TB) 2012 Empty Queensland Underwood Park Team Battles 5 V 5 (UP TB) 2012

    Post  Darklight249 Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:25 pm

    Day: Saturday, July 7, 2012
    Time: 12:00pm until 2:00pm
    A Team Battle event will be held by me. I would like co-hosts and helpers on the day

    ====General Info=====
    Area near by the playground of the park. You should see something happening.
    BRING YOUR OWN DARTS!!! Mark them if you must!
    Streamlines/Whistlers ONLY. Stefans may be allowed, if they perform around the same.
    Seriously, don't bring A air-soft/paintball. Nerf,buzzbee and other dart gun companies only.
    Each battle will be about 10mins each, with 5mins of reload breaks between.

    Comment down below :
    Name: (First and last)
    Which team:
    What main loadout:
    (3 MAX,1 Main,1 small [Nitefinder etc],1 misc [The tiny ones like secret shot) You may change loadout throughout, but yeah.
    Red team: Red shirt/ red nerf tag stuff/Camo with A red cloth showing
    Blue team: Blue shirt/ Blue nerf tag stuff/Camo with A blue cloth showing
    If wearing a nerf ammo suit thing, please show in sight that you are on which team.
    REFS: Any clothes, just not team colors.
    IF you would like to sell/hire darts out or guns out on the day please sell before a battle starts or at lunch break.
    ===IMPORTANT: Rules====
    Do NOT fire guns at break times (5 Mins before a battle) or at lunch (10 mins at 1:00 pm) You can test them, just not shoot at someone else.
    Don't be a idiot.
    Don't cheat. More on that later.
    NO AIRSOFT GUNS! They are illegal without a license,and this is a dart gun battle.
    Only bring enough darts for your guns,clips and dart holders.NO MODIFIED DARTS!* Streamlines/Whistlers ONLY*.
    *As said earlier, STEFANS that perform about the same will be accepted.

    Please wear Tag glasses or some type of eye protection. If you dont have any, just dont cry to me or anyone else.
    If you are injured during this activity, it is no-ones fault UNLESS there is some type of proof.
    ====IMPORTANT: Darts and kills====
    Bring your own. Count how many and get them at the end of the day. If afew (like 1 or 2) go missing, tough luck. If 10 or so go missing, we will search pockets for them. NO MODIFIED DARTS*! Streamlines/Whistlers ONLY.
    *As said earlier, STEFANS that perform about the same will be accepted.

    KILLS: Shot anywhere, Death. Weapon included (unless has a barricade.)

    Go to the Event Page to look...
    How to be penalized:
    Break a rule,Argue with a Ref, Be a total dick, cause trouble, steal others darts, dont get killed when...killed*.
    Miss out on a round,*re-spawn, kick from event.
    I do recommend you wear camo or tag, as it'll give a good example to newer nerfers or just look cool.
    Put you initials/name on your darts, if you can.
    Please bring munchies for yourself and if your generous,others, or bring moneys and go down to the corner shop, about 5 mins walking away.
    Have fun!
    More to be added.

    To Look at my Event page, follow these instructions:
    1: join the Brisbane Nerf Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/BrissieNerf/)
    2: Wait to be accepted
    3: Go to the event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/236695653115145/)
    Thats it!
    Follow Registration to join.

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