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    Stampede problem - BT kit, won't fire


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    Stampede problem - BT kit, won't fire Empty Stampede problem - BT kit, won't fire

    Post  Jeo Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:00 pm

    Hey guys,

    Background! I've done about 10 or so Stampedes previously, about half of which had the BT kit. However, today I came across a problem that has me stumped.

    The problem:
    4 x Ultrafire 14500's, fully charged providing >16v
    Motor and gearbox spin fine with no plunger/breech assembly
    When I manually cycle the plunger/breech assembly, everything works. The catch catches, and the release bar triggers when the plunger tube is all the way forward and releases the plunger. All as it should be.

    Yet when I try to drive the plunger/breech assembly with the motor; the catch works but the plunger tube stops ~15mm short of the catch release bar. Say exactly like it does if you don't have enough power to compress the spring. Yet, I have >16v and I know from my other BT kitted Stampedes that they'll normally work down to about 12v.

    Short of 'BT gave me an OP spring', any ideas?

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    Stampede problem - BT kit, won't fire Empty Re: Stampede problem - BT kit, won't fire

    Post  WH1PLA5H Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:15 pm

    any chance your plunger tube seal is too tight? I presume this plunger tube is conical like 99% of them and towards the end its too tight? That would be my 1st place to try. Throw on a STOCK oring or a different plunger rod thats stock and stock oring etc and try that.

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    Stampede problem - BT kit, won't fire Empty Re: Stampede problem - BT kit, won't fire

    Post  clunk07 Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:45 pm

    I've had similar where the plunger tube was warped sort of. Worked fine with a stock spring, but wouldn't handle any form of after-market spring. Ended up having to buy a whole new plunger tube assembly - fairly frustrating.


    Stampede problem - BT kit, won't fire Cwc_lo10

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    Stampede problem - BT kit, won't fire Empty Re: Stampede problem - BT kit, won't fire

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