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    The OzNerf Modifications Directory Revamped (Version 2)

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    War Organiser

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    The OzNerf Modifications Directory Revamped (Version 2) Empty The OzNerf Modifications Directory Revamped (Version 2)

    Post  littlebro05 Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:33 pm

    The Oz Nerf Modification Directory

    Air Zone Blasters

    8 Dart Blaster
    AR Removal

    Coupler Addition

    Basic Coupler / Barrel Addition

    Photon Burst Power Blaster
    AR Removal + Clip Mod

    Buzz Bee Blasters

    Buzz Bee Shells
    Homemade Buzz Bee Shells

    Belt Blaster
    General Mods

    Overhaul - Picture Intensive

    Big Blast
    Coupler Addition
    General Mods
    Overhaul + Firefly Turret Addition

    Hunter Basic Mods

    Mega Missile
    Mega Missile Overhaul

    Panther Basic Modifications

    Rads 12
    Rads 12 Overhauled + General Mods (PICTURE HEAVY)

    Brass Breeched RangeMaster

    Rapid Fire Rifle
    General Mods
    Singled + Pull-Back Mod

    Single Tek
    Barrel Replacement (Brass)

    Tek 3
    Tek 3 Mod.

    Tek 4

    Tek 6
    Barrel Replacment (Hep2O)

    Tetra Strike
    General Mods + Barrel Replacements (UPVC and PETG)

    Automatic GREEN Tommy 20
    The Storm Tommy 20, Dual Blasters

    Ultimate Missile Blast
    Coupler mod
    General Mods - Barrel Replacement (Brass)
    How an RSCB Clip works - BBUMB Example
    BBUMB Tank Volume Expansion
    Shoulder Stock Replacement, Praxis stock used as example

    Ultimate Snipe Blast
    Barrel Replacement (Hep2O)

    ERTL Blasters

    Pump Action Shotgun
    Coupler Addition + General Mods + Barrel Replacement (PETG)

    Rapid Fire Shotgun
    Rapid Fire Shotgun Mod

    Lanard Blasters

    Big Salvo
    Strap Addition \
    A Hopper'd Salvo, Air Combo Relocation

    Hand Cannon
    Inline Clipped

    Max Shot
    Overhaul + Coupler Addition

    Shot Gun/Airzone Triple Shot
    Inline Clip Addition
    Barrel Replacement (Aluminium)
    Overhaul + Barrel Replacement (UPVC)
    Overhaul + 8 Dart Blaster Turret Addition + Barrel Replacement (Acrylic)
    Turreted Speedloader Singled Triple Shot aka. Mnesia

    NERF Blasters

    AirTech 2000
    General Mods + Singled + Barrel Replacement (PETG)

    AT2K Inside LongShot Scope Integration

    Alpha Trooper
    Alpha Trooper General Mods + AR Removal + Reinforcement
    Vertical Foregrip Mod

    CWC - BBUMB Integration into Alpha Trooper

    Barrel Break
    General Mods
    AR Removal

    Clip-feed Addition
    Momentary Action Switch Addition + Voltage Mod + Laser Addition
    Homemade N-Strike Clip Fed Barricade aka Blockade ECS

    Big Bad Bow
    Coupler Mod
    Coupler Mod + General Mods
    General Mods + Barrel Replacement (UPVC)

    Dart Tag Blaster/Hyperfire
    Barrel Replacement (Brass)
    AR Removal

    HyperMaxx1500 - SuperMaxx1500 + Hyperfire Integration

    Dart Tag Blaster Fury Fire
    AR Removal + General Mod

    Dart Tag Blaster Spider-man Vs. Venom
    General Mods + Barrel Replacement (Brass)

    Dart Tag Blaster Storm Fire
    Barrel Replacement (Brass) + General Mods
    Barrel Replacement (Brass)

    Dart Tag Blaster Strike Fire
    General Mods
    Barrel Replacement (Brass)

    Dart Tag Blaster Quick 16
    AR Removal + General Mods

    Dart Tag Blaster Sharp Shot
    Barrel Replacement (Europet)

    Dart Tag Blaster Speedloader 6
    AR Removal + General Mods

    Dart Tag Blaster Swarmfire
    AR Removal + Voltage Mod + General Mods

    Overhaul + Barrel Replacement (CPVC)

    Expand-a-blast (Hyperfire)
    Spring/catch upgrade and N-Strike clip compatible

    Spring/catch upgrade, brass re-barrel and AR removal

    Barrel Replacement (PETG)
    AR Removal

    Barrel Replacement + AR Removal (Americal Barrel CPVC)
    SideBySide Jolt Mod
    Nano Jolt - "Inline" Mod
    16mm Conduit Barrel Replacement + AR Removal
    Alternative Method AR Removal

    Jolt SMG ForeGrip to NiteFinder Integration
    Tek 3 Turret to Jolt Integration
    Jolt Integration to Secret Shot Pocket Blaster

    Overhaul + Barrel/Breech Replacement (UPVC + Brass)
    Repair (Longshot Stock Strengthener)
    Repair (Boltsled Reinforcement)
    Repair (Boltsled Repair + Reinforcement)
    Overhaul + Barrel/Breech Replacement (Brass) + Laser Addition
    Longshot Front Gun Integration
    Longshot IPAI (Internal-Pump-Action-Intergration) with Light!
    LongShot Internal Pump Action Grip (First Alternative Mod)
    Nerf Double Prime LS
    Dart Tooth Mod, Increase the range of your Longshot
    Longshot Brass Breech Barrel Alignment
    Longshot Plunger Seal Alternative

    LongBow (Replaced LongShot Internals

    Longstrike / Longshot Bolt Strengthener

    LongStrike Titan Integration, Using a Brass Breech
    The Ultimate Strike (BBUMB > LongStrike Integration)

    Cosmetics (LED Addition)
    Repair (Sliding Mech)
    Barrel Replacement (PETG)
    Video Guide: General Maverick Mods

    Maverick + Recon (Recon Mav-Underbarrel Attatchment)

    General Mods
    Air Compressor Addition (Singapore)
    Air Compressor Addition (Australian)

    Mega Missile RSCB Integration to Magstrike
    Mega Missile RSCB Semi-Auto Valve to Magstrike

    Barrel Replacement (Europet PETG)

    Cosmetics (Double Nitefinder "Nitemanta")
    Barrel Replacement (PETG)
    Cosmetics (Bowarms Addition)
    Coupler Addition + RSCB Addition
    Overhaul + Coupler Addition
    Overhaul v2 + Coupler Addition
    Cosmetics (LED Addition)
    Inlined Clipped
    Speed Loader Mod.
    Back to Basics, AR Removal + Seal Improvement

    NiteFinder Rifle Aussie Materials, Replaced Plunger Tube

    General Mods + Repair (Plunger Reinforcement)
    General Mods (In Depth)

    Basic AR Removal

    Raider + MM (Mega Raider Rev. 1)
    Raider + MM (Mega Raider Rev. 2)
    Raider + MM (Mega Raider Variant)

    Rapid Fire AS-20
    Air Compressor Mod

    Semi-Auto RSCB BBUMB in RF20 Shell

    Heavy Silicone Dart Compatibility Mod

    AR Removal + General Mods
    AR Removal + General Mods + Cosmetics (Shell Mods)
    Barrel/Breech Replacement (UPVC)
    Cosmetics (Faux Barrel Mods)
    Nerf Recon Dart Tooth mod
    Pump Action Grip Overview

    Recon + BBBB (Recon BB-8)

    AR Removal
    AR Removal Alternative

    Retaliator AR Removal + Spring (still in progress)

    Secret Strike
    Secret Strike with Added Handle
    Air Tank Expansion (American Materials)

    Brass barrel replacement and spring upgrade

    AR Removal + General Mods

    Voltage Mod
    Cosmetics (Minimisation)
    Stampede ECS: A Complete Write-Up of General Mods
    How the Stampede Wiring Works (Diagram Included)
    Stampede Brass Breech (Singapore Materials)

    Rear-loading and spring upgrade

    Complete re-wire, lock removal, switch replacement

    SuperMaxx 3000
    PETG Barrel Replacement

    Super Soaker Hydro Cannon
    Pump Replacement + Chopper Addition
    Quick CPVC Barrel Replacement (Using US materials)
    Titan Pump Replacement

    Super Soaker Shot Blast
    General Mods + Clip-feed Addition

    Super Soaker Point Break
    Overhaul + Barrel Addition (PETG)

    Switch Shot
    Switch Shot Plunger Replacement + General Mods

    Barrel Replacement (Aluminium)
    Coupler Addition (with original barrel retained)
    Coupler Addition (with original barrel retained) 2nd Revision
    Coupling a titan.
    N-Strike clip compatible

    Titan Integrated Into Super Soaker Tornado

    Spring upgrade

    Vortex Series Proton
    General Mods

    Zuru Blasters

    X-shot Stealth
    Barrel Replacement (PETG)

    Miscellaneous Blasters

    Wipeout/Pistolsplat/Supasplat/Predator/Magnum Foam Blaster
    Barrel Replacement (Brass) + General Mods

    S&W 1911 Foam Dart Gun
    Barrel Replacement (Hep2O)

    Spy Gear Signal Launcher
    Coupler Addition

    LOTR Crossbow
    General Mods + Barrel Replacement (UPVC) + Inline Clip Addition

    Spongebob Squarepants Battle Blaster
    Barrel Addition (Europet PETG)

    Overseas mods using overseas parts.
    Atomic Splat an Intergration of Pistol Splat and a Atomic Blaster.
    MIG's Nerf ChainBlazer mod
    HyperMaxx 1500 Is an Intergration of a Nerf Hyperfire and Nerf Supermaxx 1500.


    How to Secure N-Strike Attachment

    Clip / Hopper / RSCB / Inline / Breech Related
    How to Make a Stefan Compatable Clip
    Customisable Hopper-Clip. All Aussie Stuff
    "Cerberus" Turreted Shotgun barrel attachment
    See-through 18 Round Clip Mod.
    How an RSCB Clip works - BBUMB Example
    How to make a hopper clip using Aussie Materials
    Improved Conduit Breech
    PETG Tightening Rings Alternative
    N-Strike Clip Accepting PVC Breech
    Baby Hopper, increased ammo capacity for the Hopper Clip Design
    Nerf Tactical Vest
    Vest = One Size Fits All Mod
    20mm Conduit Dart Door Design

    Spring Alternatives

    Kool Zums Spring - Cheap Alternative for Beefing up your Maverick / Furyfire

    Stefans, Dart Making, and Dart Modifications

    Toobz's Way of Traditional Stefan Making
    Kat's Snap Cap Stefan using 13mm FBR
    TheBradl3's Multiple Styles of Stefan Creation + littlebro05's Customer Stingers Method
    Bolo Rounds by False

    Aesthetic Mods
    Bayonet Attachment (Wooden Build) for Nerf Blasters
    A visual guide by clunk07 - How to paint your Nerf Blaster

    Conversion from Other Projectile Blaster to Nerf Blasters
    Shadowhawk-100 to Nerf Blaster Conversion /w in built trigger
    Removable Shadowhawk-100 Trigger mod by GhostSniper

    Pump Replacement / Air Tank Related
    Air Tank Tube Connection: How To Guide
    Air Tank Reinforcement: How To Guide

    PVC Pipe Foam Dart Blowgun

    If you post a modification write-up, feel free to post a reply to this directory with the link to your write-up. Remember to be pictorial as pictures will help much more.

    Last edited by littlebro05 on Tue Oct 23, 2012 3:35 pm; edited 6 times in total
    War Organiser
    War Organiser

    Posts : 2533
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    The OzNerf Modifications Directory Revamped (Version 2) Empty Re: The OzNerf Modifications Directory Revamped (Version 2)

    Post  littlebro05 Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:35 pm

    After the forum's domain name expired, we have gone back to forumotion. After this happened, all the modifications were changed and the links also died. Fortunately, it was a quick fix, so this will be the new directory.

    If you have any new modifications, then please post a link here. Remember, the write-up must be very picture heavy and detailed. Thanks =).

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    The OzNerf Modifications Directory Revamped (Version 2) Empty Re: The OzNerf Modifications Directory Revamped (Version 2)

    Post  sniperdude49 Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:05 am


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    The OzNerf Modifications Directory Revamped (Version 2) Empty Re: The OzNerf Modifications Directory Revamped (Version 2)

    Post  clunk07 Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:00 am

    The OzNerf Modifications Directory Revamped (Version 2) Cwc_lo10

    Clunk Weapons Co. Blaster-smith Services:
    Commissions offered on Stampede, LongShot, Spectre, LED Maverick.

    CWC Blaster-smith Services
    CWC Custom Paint

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    The OzNerf Modifications Directory Revamped (Version 2) Empty Re: The OzNerf Modifications Directory Revamped (Version 2)

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