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    Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW


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    Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW Empty Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW

    Post  EMEUTIER Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:46 am

    I recently purchased a number of Joey's awesome Slydev / Banditfox Nerf accessories and after playing around with them I thought I would post my opinions about the items that I bought.
    Slydev's Store: http://www.slydev.com.au/Store/Products.php

    Due to there being a number of reviews already of these products including photos, I thought that I would only add what I thought without re-hashing over previously said info.

    I purchased:
    3x Picatinny Rail Attachments
    2x Iron sight sets
    1x Nerf rail bandoleer/clip attachment
    2 longshot front rails, one with a Nerf rail and the other a picatinny

    The first thing I noticed and the most impressive feature about Slydev's accessories to me is the really low cost of each item.
    Considering that these are for Nerf blasters, which in fact ARE toys, we as a community generally don't rally want to spend hundreds on small attachments like some items from Black Tactical or airsoft accessories.
    So the prices for each item from slydev is perfect for a simple add-on to a toy blaster.

    One thing I do feel I need to echo from the other reviews is that these items are TOUGH!
    When I saw other peoples photos and I noticed when view close up they seemed to have little holes throughout them I thought 'well... how tough can they be?' but when I recently received mine in the mail I really could feel how strong they are. I could almost say they will most likely outlive the plastic in our Nerf Blasters.

    The little holes that I noticed in each item seem to be from the way the 3D printer 'layers' the medium into the desired shape but these items are in no way porous or flexible.

    This first photo shows my IPAI Longshot with 2 Picatinny rail attachments, the front LS Nerf Rail, front and rear iron-sights and my BSA red-dot sight attached.
    Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW SNAReview_01
    There are a few things you may notice, first I needed to use 2 Picatinny Rails to attach my red-dot and the rails could not be mounted right up to each other due to a small locating notch underneath. Fair enough, I'm still happy with them.
    Also the front and rear sights are not really in-line and due to the raised height of the red_dot do not co-witness at all. Still, they are only for decoration anyway so its all good.
    You can see a closer photo here.
    Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW SNAReview_02

    One item that I noticed Slydev only recently added was the clip attachment to clip a bandoleer onto if your blaster needs another point to hook on to.
    Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW SNAReview_03
    This is surprisingly strong and should hold the weight of any blaster fine.... but.... I do think that the small self-tapper screw that was used to tighten the mounting is a weak point that looks as though it could easily strip therefore making the hook fall off.
    After having another look at the website though shows that joey may have noticed the same thing because he seems to have removed this item and now has a much better looking design avaliable.

    I actually planned on using 2 picatinny rails on my Rayven but due to needing to use 2 on my Longshot I only had one left. Here you can see it used to mount my holo/reflex (whatever they're called) sight.
    Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW SNAReview_04
    This is where it became a bit disappointing. As you can see the rail is barely long enough to attatch the sight to. I can get away with that though, the real problem was this bit...
    Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW SNAReview_05
    I REALLY wanted to use a rail to attach my PEQ-15 to the side but because of the short length of the rail and the fact that you cant really put 2 right next to each other means that I have to stick with my awkward scrap-metal and duct tape solution to hold it on.

    I hope that Joey reads this and takes my comments as a bit of constructive criticism because I really think he is doing a great service for the community.
    A few suggestion though: please make 2 or 3 different sizes of picatinny rail lengths. one maybe a bit longer to match with the holo-sight I pictured above, as most picatinny items seem to be this size. And / or a single long rail as ling as two put together would also be good.
    In the future (depending on cost, etc) maybe consider instead of using self-tappers, try a long bolt + nut to lock the rail attachments on giving a stronger lock. Just a few ideas to think about.

    One last thing, when you order anything from Slydev's store you can easily see how far along he has got to on your order, if it is being fabricated or posted, very useful for us checking the mail every day!

    I really recomend any of his products to anyone interested.

    Posts : 551
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    Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW Empty Re: Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW

    Post  Joey Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:45 am

    Hey, great review, glad you enjoy my products.

    I am sending you out a new version of the nerf clip as I had run in to the same conclusion that you did (the single screw was not strong enough). Fortunatly you were the only person who had bought one so far. The new version is much stronger and I am happier with it (you can see it here )

    I will get in to working on longer nerf rail picatinny attachments as well, you think 6cm and 8cm will do?

    Also I need to get my hands on one of those PEQ-15's they look pretty badass.

    Otherwise thanks for the review and any constructive criticism is always welcome.

    Slydev nerf parts and accessories store

    Posts : 74
    Join date : 2011-07-04
    Age : 38
    Location : NSW

    Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW Empty Re: Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW

    Post  EMEUTIER Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:16 pm

    Thanks for sending out the new clip (I haven't received it yet) the pictures look alot more sturdy, its always good to see that your looking at possible improvements as you produce more items.

    Yes, the longer picatinny rails would be very welcome, personally I think an 8cm long one would be perfect for everything really, and if its possible could you make it so that the locating notches allow for two rails to be mounted directly next to each other?
    That way with your small rail and a new 8cm long one people could combine them to make whatever length they prefer.

    The Peq-15 do look awesome! Although to have a fully functional unit requires a bit of modding due to Australia's laser laws. Take a look at my working Peq-15 mod.

    Keep up the good work and I will definitely be buying more stuff from you in the future!

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    Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW Empty Re: Slydev's Banditfox Nerf Accessories - REVIEW

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