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November 2021


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    [VIC] Melbourne War (Clayton South) Saturday 17th November


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    [VIC] Melbourne War (Clayton South) Saturday 17th November Empty [VIC] Melbourne War (Clayton South) Saturday 17th November

    Post  whichgrep Sun Oct 28, 2012 10:25 am

    Everyone welcome! If you haven't been to a Nerf war before, come and meet us! Bring whatever gear you have, and prepare to learn more than you ever imagined!


    Date: Saturday 17th November, 2012
    Time: 11:30am - 5pm, pack up from 4:30pm


    Location: Grange Reserve
    Street: Osborne Avenue, Clayton South
    Melways: 79 E8
    Meeting Place: Carpark closest to BBQ

    Rules for the war:


    We will plan to have a BBQ lunch at 12:00 sharp.

    If less than 10 people sign up on the list above, the BBQ will be cancelled -- it's not worth the cost and effort of buying the gear, cooking, and cleaning up afterwards.

    We will be selling sausages in bread for $2 each, and cans of soft drink or bottles of water for $1 each.

    You are not to help yourself to the contents of the esky. Unfortunately, due to the actions of a few, you will have to ask to get your can of drink.

    We cannot guarantee that the food we provide will be vegetarian, gluten-free, or kosher. If this is a problem for you, please bring your own food to cook on the barbecue.

    We'll start off with the BBQ and meeting (let's talk about what we need to work on for the future of the Victorian nerf war scene), and then from there we'll get straight into war mode.

    Here is some information about dart types so you know what we are talking about in the rules:


    While you're waiting for lunch, please get your gear ready so that we can start playing as soon as we've eaten.

    Schedule may include some, all, or none of the following:

    • 12:00 sharp - BBQ/Meeting
    • Group Photo
    • Pistol Wars
    • FFL
    • Bombing Run
    • FFP Capture The Flag
    • Epeen
    • Bombing Run with pistol and shields
    • FFP Team Death Match

    You will be expected to be familiar with all of these rules:

    Foam Fortress Pro

    Rules here:

    • juggernauts are allowed
    • medics have a ribbon
    • Engineers have three spawn points
    • Grenadiers can have up to 4 grenades

    We will have an edited copy of the rules that we will be using available on the day.

    Bombing Run.

    Rules here:

    Foam Fortress Lite.

    Rules here:

    For this Nerf War:

    A pistol is defined as all of the following:

    • a blaster that looks like a pistol
    • a blaster that shoots no more than 50 feet
    • if clip-fed, holds no more than 6 darts in a clip
    • not a Rayven

    Examples: Maverick, Nitefinder, Recon with 6-clip

    For this Nerf war:

    Epeen blasters ( > 100 feet) may be used, but must not be shot at people closer than 80 feet. This means that you will need a secondary weapon for 80' and under.

    What To Bring

    • Appropriate blasters and equipment (primaries, secondaries, shields etc.)
    • Darts (suggested amount is 200+) and other munitions (eg, grenades like 5+)
    • Dart bucket, labelled with your name and dart mark symbol
    • optional shield (for pistol wars)
    • Money for trading and buying food/drink
    • Safety eye wear. Recommended:

    1. Nerf brand protective glasses
    2. safety glasses that meet Australian Standard 1337 or ANSI Z87.1
    3. safety glasses or goggles specifically intended for firearms or airsoft use

    Please Note: Sunglasses are not allowed.

    Prescription glasses must have an additional layer of safety eye wear on top unless they are specifically made as high-impact safety glasses.

    • Safety eye wear must be worn while shooting is happening, even if you are "dead" and not playing. If you're close enough to be hit by accident, you must wear glasses
    • Appropriate shoes. This is outdoors, the area is fairly clear, but you may have to walk in long grass to retrieve darts
    • Food/drink if you're not buying anything


    • Everyone is responsible for their own safety. We're not a professional club, we're a bunch of mates meeting in a park. This is a potentially dangerous activity. Insurance and medical costs are your problem (if you're under 16, they are your parent's problem and you need to make them aware of what you're doing). If you don't like the risk, don't attend.
    • Glue domed Stefans are allowed; however, the metal weight must be of an equivalent mass to size 00 or less split shot fishing weight.
    • In no case may any weight be larger than 5mm diameter or heavier than 1.1 gram
    • Blasters must have the appearance of toys.

    1. No realistic looking blasters are to be used. Don't even think about rocking up with black blasters.
    2. Fully home-made blasters made of PVC pipe and duct tape (and very little else) are specifically banned from all Victorian Nerf events.
    3. Blasters built with soft-drink bottles as an essential part of the mechanism are specifically banned from all Victorian Nerf events.

    • Snap Caps dart are allowed but can only be used in blasters with a maximum range of 60ft. Let's see how this goes; we may review this on the day or at future wars.
    • Darts that use splitshot 0 are allowed again, but for only blasters with a maximum range between 90 and 120 feet, and only in game types like FFP and Epeen. Let's see how this turns out; we may review this on the day or at future wars.
    • From now on, no darts that use splitshot size 1 or above may be used at any of the Victorian Nerf events -- public goers are around and I'm not having the stray shot hurt someone.
    • No cheating, if the ref calls a hit just accept you were hit and go and respawn. Arguing with other players or the referee will cause you to be removed from the battlefield. Mature peaceful discussions to be held between rounds. Final decision to be made by Grep and/or the war organiser.
    • Be wary of other public goers around the area.
    • Singled Titans/other long-ranged air blaster users must be approved by Grep. Pretty obvious.
    • If you are too close to shoot at someone, get out your foam bayonet or foam sword and tap them on the shoulder. NO BARREL TAPPING.
    • Note that melee (foam) weapons kill by a touch only -- you will be banned if you hit anyone full-force, even with a foam weapon.
    • Everyone is responsible for their own equipment. MARK YOUR CLIPS, BLASTERS AND DARTS and anything that is yours in general if you expect to get it back at the end of the day. Any unmarked stuff will be kept by the group, same goes with Nerf darts.
    • No bullying; it's rather self-explanatory.

    Dart Sweeping

    • We will be doing only 2 dart sweeps per war. The last dart sweep of the day is the most important of all, so we need to spend more time on that one. THIS MEANS THAT YOU MUST BRING ENOUGH DARTS TO LAST THE ENTIRE DAY.
    • We will not be sorting per sweep any more. Darts will be sorted at the end of the day to save time; if you need more darts after a dart sweep, just help yourself to the dart pile, the sooner we can get back to playing the better.
    • Safety eye wear may be removed during dart sweeps -- all blasters must be on the ground during dart sweep so no-one is accidentally shot.
    • Everyone collects as many darts as possible, no matter whose darts they are, and brings them back to the pile.
    • Everyone sweeps for darts. You're welcome to chat while you sweep, but you're not welcome to talk instead of sweeping.
    • Those who stand around talking, instead of sweeping, will be warned once. After that, they won't be welcome at any of the Victorian Nerf wars.
    • We will be lending out buckets for dart sweeping if you don't have your own.

    Dart Sorting

    • We will line everyone's dart buckets up; then we will grab a handful of random darts from the dart pile and sort them in to the right dart bucket.
    • If you didn't bring a bucket, then your darts go into the "others" pile and you sort them yourself at the end.
    • Don't just grab your own darts -- we're all friends and we all help each other out -- so grab a handful and help to sort.

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    [VIC] Melbourne War (Clayton South) Saturday 17th November Empty Re: [VIC] Melbourne War (Clayton South) Saturday 17th November

    Post  KingCam Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:23 am

    Here the facebook link to this event guys.


    From Cameron.

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    [VIC] Melbourne War (Clayton South) Saturday 17th November Empty Maybe Coming

    Post  Execute13 Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:22 am

    Is just anyone welcome, and would stock blasters be worthwhile? This looks like a lot of fun. I haven't been to a war before, so this sounds like the kind of thing to get started with.

    Posts : 832
    Join date : 2010-03-24
    Age : 35
    Location : Lilydale,Melbourne,Victoria

    [VIC] Melbourne War (Clayton South) Saturday 17th November Empty Re: [VIC] Melbourne War (Clayton South) Saturday 17th November

    Post  KingCam Sun Nov 04, 2012 10:34 am

    Hi Execute13.

    Everyone is welcome in big warm arm to join in on our nerf wars and group.

    Yes and no, but don't worry someone on the day will to loan you a blaster if your blasters are not up to it.

    It is a lot of fun, I have been doing it for about 2 and a half-year and I can't stop.

    You will learn a lot by coming along to the nerf war and you will make some great friends for life.

    You can also find us that these 3 other Location,

    Find us at:



    From Cameron of Melbourne nerf group.

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    [VIC] Melbourne War (Clayton South) Saturday 17th November Empty Re: [VIC] Melbourne War (Clayton South) Saturday 17th November

    Post  Sponsored content

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