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November 2021


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    (Central Brisbane) MilSim Nerf War, Gregory Tce, Spring Hill - 24th of November, 2012 SUNDAY (Mandatory Dart Hire $15pp)

    War Organiser
    War Organiser

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    (Central Brisbane) MilSim Nerf War, Gregory Tce, Spring Hill - 24th of November, 2012 SUNDAY (Mandatory Dart Hire $15pp) Empty (Central Brisbane) MilSim Nerf War, Gregory Tce, Spring Hill - 24th of November, 2012 SUNDAY (Mandatory Dart Hire $15pp)

    Post  littlebro05 Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:26 am

    This event is a MilSim style event loosely based on the Sydney Nerf Wars Foam Fortress. It is meant to be new guy friendly as the range restriction is 25metres. The only two 'classes' / 'roles' who have a 50metre range limit and 35metre range limit are the "Sniper" and "Spotter / Carry". I'm going to copy and pasting the details from the facebook event page.

    This will be the first 'MilSim' event created for Brisbane Nerf Group war. There will be restrictions on the role you play. There can only be one person of each class per team. Example, one team cannot have 5 snipers.

    Raffle Prizes:
    1. Second Chance Draw (<20 Attendees) - Modified NiteFinder
    2. Prize Draw (20+ Attendees) - Clear Recon /w all accessories
    3. MilSim Prize Draw (30+ Attendees) - Red Dot Sight

    Dart Hire: $15 Per Person
    Dart Hire Discount: $10 if each individual brings a box cover or tarp, the dart hire will be discounted
    Dart Puchase: $10 for 100 after the war, then $20 for the following 100, etc.

    The Map

    The Rules:

    The Respawn Rules:
    You have two options in respawning. They are the following...

    Option #1: Return back to respawn point to respawn. Just touch the safety cone to go back in>

    Option #2: You sit down with your blasters on the ground. You must await the medic to revive you.

    You may only choose ONE option.

    The Classes

    Each team is restricted to:
    One Medic Class
    One Sniper Class
    One Spotter / Carry Class
    Two Heavy Gunner Class
    The teams will be balanced if there are too many Riot Class on one side for example.

    The Weapons and Equipment

    Game Types:
    Prisoners of War - Two Way rescue hostage game type.
    Search and Destroy - Bomb Game
    Defend the Core - https://www.facebook.com/groups/BrissieNerf/doc/502833349744886/
    Defend and Maintain - https://www.facebook.com/groups/BrissieNerf/doc/502833349744886/

    Please register your interest for which Class you would be interested in playing in. However, only register your interest for the class you actually have weapons for.

    Example: Don't register to be the Sniper if you do not have any of the blasters listed.

    Thanh - Spotter / Carry, Riot, Medic, Infantry, Gunslinger
    Joshua - Heavy, Sniper, Gunslinger
    Joseph - Sniper
    Clement - Spotter / Carry, Riot
    Luke #1 - Sniper, Medic, Infantry
    Kenny - Sniper
    Luke #2 - Spotter / Carry
    Jai - Medic
    Sam - Infantry, Heavy Gunner, Medic
    Donald - Infantry, Gunslinger
    Greg - Infantry
    Ben - Medic, Infantry, Heavy Gunner
    Jonathan - Heavy Gunner, Medic, Sniper
    Benjamin #1 - Anything excluding Rocketeer / Grenadier OR Riot
    Dylan - Sniper, Gunslinger, Medic, Heavy Sniper
    Benjamin #2 - Heavy Gunner
    Lachlan - Infantry
    Jason - Sniper, Spotter / Carry
    Kha - Gunslinger
    Thomas - Heavy Gunner
    Matt - Gunslinger / Medic

    We will be using stingers at this event. All future MilSim events, we will be using heavy silicone tips for flywheel users.

    No Sniper and Spotter Class Available.

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