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November 2021


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    The HomeWrecker V1.0


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    The HomeWrecker V1.0 Empty The HomeWrecker V1.0

    Post  makeitgo Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:31 am

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 8DEBCEE2-09DE-4F36-9B8A-D6189450C563-535-000000ACAC4E0F25

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 A6B0A4C3-E875-4543-AAF5-47ED10CBC125-535-000000ACB10D0E1A

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 E802D598-6971-46E9-9B0A-5EE8802303BE-535-000000ACB3C58346

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 AC9E9DE0-7EC2-4D7E-B02B-0F4F7811371F-535-000000ACB67EC1AF

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 729CEB95-DB20-4BC6-A511-40B30439208B-535-000000ACBA0E1F49

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 3089F080-6909-4DDC-8FE8-188A02525BD8-535-000000ACBE2A195F

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 33BB6A2B-50C1-4E6F-9BBB-FDA493A11EAA-535-000000ACC0F929D6

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 826C24E5-E4A6-4CA3-8702-CBF0E0C57890-535-000000ACC71F1C00

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 513B5DA2-9965-4546-8D4F-8BB1BE9AFF68-535-000000ACCC7F4BDF

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 D89E33A6-A959-45BE-8465-1F065B5DDCA8-535-000000ACC9C886BD

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 6736D96F-3E49-4835-B589-C27E79331B78-535-000000ACCFDE859E

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 4CF22D92-7AC9-43C9-A45C-58934A4D328C-535-000000ACD37F9570

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 0022B85F-7BD2-4D62-8230-3147D5522355-535-000000ACD75936C4

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 87BF832D-2545-4DD4-98E9-1D1F50CA1387-535-000000ACDCC6AB84

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 6386273B-2EAC-4650-ADA9-62EBC4B5CD36-535-000000ACE1A1F745

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 7B81665D-B973-4A3E-881E-DAF4E59CF8D0-535-000000ACE63E9B31

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 F365220E-9267-44F2-B812-C644C6589431-535-000000ACEA33CB95

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 52C99642-0FC0-48F0-9648-C2D5F52F7786-535-000000ACF2AA62C2

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 FD23F6FE-F122-49B7-A1FE-0EAACABE0D30-535-000000AD00D4A291

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 8BE392D8-0779-4983-8A06-E371F59C99F2-535-000000ACFAD778FE

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 44FC1EBB-2C03-4C18-B16E-6EA093A13621-535-000000ACFE0838B1

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 B55D5095-CCE8-4CC0-9CE8-D40D6F1C7062-535-000000ACF767478B

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 B163E6E4-441C-4F0C-8E0F-8A7451CAA47C-535-000000B1778D6BDA

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 E6AB4C23-4873-4F09-8A54-9629F0FCBAB6-535-000000AD0931D266

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    The HomeWrecker V1.0 Empty Re: The HomeWrecker V1.0

    Post  sniperdude49 Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:48 am

    MIG, you never cease to amaze....

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    The HomeWrecker V1.0 Empty Re: The HomeWrecker V1.0

    Post  Acerised Sat Nov 24, 2012 8:15 am

    Another great MIG tutorial. Gave me some insights for future mods. Cheers.

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    Location : Budgewoi, NSW

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 Empty Re: The HomeWrecker V1.0

    Post  Sir_Spacemonkey Sat Nov 24, 2012 8:31 am

    My pants just exploded.

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    Age : 22
    Location : Near Melbourne

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 Empty Re: The HomeWrecker V1.0

    Post  Execute13 Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:41 am

    And I'm cautions removing an NF air restrictor...
    Maaaaaan. Good job.
    War Organiser
    War Organiser

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    Location : Brisbane Boi!

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 Empty Re: The HomeWrecker V1.0

    Post  littlebro05 Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:15 am

    Execute13 wrote:And I'm cautions removing an NF air restrictor...
    Maaaaaan. Good job.

    Comes with time you will be able to take an AR out of everything.

    Looks like a very big plunger <,<.

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    Location : Adelaide, Australia

    The HomeWrecker V1.0 Empty Re: The HomeWrecker V1.0

    Post  Servulus Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:34 pm

    Too me this looks like a +Bow in a 4B shell, and well putting a +Bow into a shell is a much better idea, as most homemade blasters only draw the wrong kind of attention of the police. So overall i find this mod to be a great idea for all those who like to make their own blasters, just put them into a shell.

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    The HomeWrecker V1.0 Empty Re: The HomeWrecker V1.0

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