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November 2021


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    CQB Woodlands: Brisbane Nerf Group's 4 Year Anniversary War! [15/09/2013] SUNDAY

    War Organiser
    War Organiser

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    CQB Woodlands: Brisbane Nerf Group's 4 Year Anniversary War! [15/09/2013] SUNDAY Empty CQB Woodlands: Brisbane Nerf Group's 4 Year Anniversary War! [15/09/2013] SUNDAY

    Post  littlebro05 Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:26 pm

    For more details, hit the facebook event page:

    So I've been officially been Nerfing for 4 years, and have been off the grid several times. However, this is our anniversary war! We have some cool prizes to give away such as an Elite Alpha trooper and much more!

    Bill Moore Park (Toorak Road, Salisbury, Queensland)

    CQB Woodlands: Brisbane Nerf Group's 4 Year Anniversary War! [15/09/2013] SUNDAY SalisburyBMP

    The red circle is where we will be!

    Mandatory Dart Hire: $10pp
    Optional Dart Puchase: $10 for the first 100 darts, then $20 for 100 more afterwards.


    1. If you are hit by a dart in ANY part of the body, you are OUT (Hit) If you spot the player with TWO FEET outside the ‘marked area’ you can call them out as a kill.  
    2. If your gun is hit, you are OUT (Gun Hit)
    3. If you hit someone and they continue to play, call them out.
    4. Don't cheat in general, it's a game of tag.
    5. Don't argue with the person who calls a hit on you.
    6. Report to one of the organisers about a possible cheater and we will monitor them to see if they continue to do so.
    7. Minimum engagement range = 2-3metres for blasters firing below 30metres flat.  
    9. EYE PROTECTION IS MANDATORY (You will most definitely need it in this war as the darts are flying at a higher velocity than HvZ blasters)
    10. Melee weapons are allowed IF it is made from very soft foam. If you are to meet or sneak on a player and you have no weapon, just place your hand on there should to say I’ve got you. This is to avoid close shooting encounters from high end blasters
    11. You are NOT allowed to pick up darts when you are dead or ‘tagged’. You can pick up darts when you are alive.
    12. In case of a situation where both players have shot each other near or at the same time – this is a double kill. Both players must return to the safe zone / or respawn point.
    13. When you are shot – you are NOT allowed to communicate with other players. Dead people can’t talk.
    14. Riot Shields – Can be destroyed with foam missiles, foam balls OR vortex howlers. This will eliminate the riot shield user completely.
    15. You CANNOT move the tarp cover / box cover

    Blasters must not be painted realistically or black. The blaster must have at least 50% bright colours to be able to use. Post a picture if you're worried. Here's an example of a blaster you cannot use.
    CQB Woodlands: Brisbane Nerf Group's 4 Year Anniversary War! [15/09/2013] SUNDAY 1146880_371675959602150_979624044_o

    Raffle Prize: 100 darts OR a stock Elite Alpha Trooper (includes 1 6 clip)
    Dart Sweep Prizes: For every 5 people that attend, there will be 1 available $5 Dart Hire Discount Coupon which can be used at our future events! The person who picks up the most darts we will win this coupon.

    Game Types:
    Team Death Match Elimination
    Capture the Flag
    Suicide Bomber
    Border Security
    and much more!

    Remember to leave a comment if you are potentially attending this event. Thanks! See you all there.

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