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    Hammershot Rifle Conversion [Cosmetic]


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    Hammershot Rifle Conversion [Cosmetic] Empty Hammershot Rifle Conversion [Cosmetic]

    Post  Sadavi5 Wed Aug 06, 2014 12:13 am

    Hammershot Rifle Conversion [Cosmetic] Gy7Klm3

    Alright, guys, for my first trick upon my triumphant return, I'mma teach you how to make a Hammershot Revolver Rifle. This one's mine, I call it the V-Hammer. Hang on tight.

    Stage 1: Barrel Attachment
    Hammershot Rifle Conversion [Cosmetic] VTDUN7R
    Stage one is simple enough; every rifle needs a rifled barrel. The Hammershot can be trimmed down in the front to connect flush with a Recon barrel extension. Do this, then sand it flat. The barrel extension's inner tube is too far away from the breach as it is, so unscrew the extension and push back the tube until it is flush with the end of the cylinder's holding pin. Set the barrel extension and the inner tube into place with epoxy, putty, or screws. I also trimmed the underside of the blaster for a sleeker look. At this stage, the front will be just slightly floppy; that's okay. Move on.

    Stage 2: Stock Attachment
    Hammershot Rifle Conversion [Cosmetic] 2ADZojS
    This stage is tricky because the Hammershot doesn't want to take to a stock easily. You'll need to have a handle-mounted stock, or make one. I used a standard Airsoft stock and a Nerf gun handle to create the stock-piece, merging the two with epoxy. Then, putty and epoxy are used to attach the handle and the stock, and to create a smooth surface. Tape holds the pieces together as the adhesive dries.

    Stage 3: Barrel Stabilizing
    Hammershot Rifle Conversion [Cosmetic] TGuzpbd
    Use a piece of pre-cut plastic or metal to hold the top of the barrel extension in place. Epoxy and screw at both attachment points for full stability. Use putty or glue to reinforce the entire attachment area, then smooth and sand everything down; it's time to paint.

    Stage 4: Priming and Body Work
    Hammershot Rifle Conversion [Cosmetic] FkGnTO7
    Prime your work. Sand and reapply primer where needed. At this stage I also did a number of other cosmetic alterations including covering up holes with epoxy & greebles and lengthening the barrel with a piece of tubing.

    Stage 5: Base Paint
    Hammershot Rifle Conversion [Cosmetic] Zeyzzu1
    Paint your base colors onto the blaster.

    Stage 5: Accent Paint and Weathering
    Hammershot Rifle Conversion [Cosmetic] B5cZmEW
    Finish painting the blaster.

    You're done! Not so hard, right? Right.

    Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial since comin' back. Missed yeh.

    - Spencer

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