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    Explosive Reviews: Spider-Man Vs. Venom dart tag

    Roger Explosion
    Roger Explosion

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    Explosive Reviews: Spider-Man Vs. Venom dart tag Empty Explosive Reviews: Spider-Man Vs. Venom dart tag

    Post  Roger Explosion Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:32 am

    (More pictures comming soon)

    Manufacturer: Nerf
    Product line: Dart tag
    Class: multi shot back pressure air gun.

    Explosive Reviews: Spider-Man Vs. Venom dart tag 205000338
    The Box in all its glory

    The spider-man Vs. Venom Dart tag blaster (or SMDTG) is unique wrist mounted gun, which was a piece of Spider-man 3 movie merchandise. They are currently out of production. Being part of the Dart tag line, they come in a packs of 2, with Vests, glasses and Tagger darts. One set is red to represent spider-man and the other is dark purple to represent Venom. Stock ranger are around 30 feet.

    They are designed to be worn on the underside of your wrist, and fired with your palm facing up just like spider-man does when hes slinging a web. This means you can use another gun while wearing this. I can use my Big Blast with this thing on, But I found it did get in the way a little. I'd prefer to have it mounted on top of my wrist. They are a little too bulky to hide under your sleeve if you want to use them in a Nerf assassination. They only need one hand to operate, so dual wielding is no problem.

    The gun needs to be pumped up 15 times before the Over Pressure valve kicks in, even more if you have modified the gun for more power, So loading times are slow. The trigger fires the Barrels in sequence: Top, Left, right.

    The internals look intimidating, but are not complex when it comes to modifying. The trigger part has the over pressure valve and its adjustment easily accessible. The barrels and Air restrictors come off easily. There is no glue holding any major parts on. The gun uses individual Back pressure valves for each barrel, they can be a bit fragile. But I've had no problems with them. I believe they are made well, unlike those motherfucking Hornet AS-6's. The pumps are not very well lubricated, so you may have to add some more.

    Explosive Reviews: Spider-Man Vs. Venom dart tag Smdg2
    It may look like tube hell, but don't be afraid.

    This gun is easy to modify and produces great results. Barrel replacements can double the range, and even more range can be gained with the tightening or Plugging of the over pressure valve. The small size makes them a fantastic candidate for integrations. Plus they make up a core component of a Marvelous Salvo.

    They are a fantastic gun with great modifying potential. The slow loading limits its usage as a primary weapon, but as a back up or integration, they are fantastic. But you may find they can get in the way.

    Are you Furstrated?

    Explosive Reviews: Spider-Man Vs. Venom dart tag Empty Re: Explosive Reviews: Spider-Man Vs. Venom dart tag

    Post  Guest Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:17 pm

    I love your reviews. Thanks.

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