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    A review of my (modded) Recon CS-6


    Posts : 204
    Join date : 2010-08-16
    Age : 25
    Location : Glen Waverley, Melbourne (VIC, Aus, Earth)

    A review of my (modded) Recon CS-6 Empty A review of my (modded) Recon CS-6

    Post  Johnnus Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:54 am

    I got this during the Big W sale a while ago, and I think it is alright. To simplify things, I will split this review into certain topics. Also, please note that this review will be slightly biased, as this was my first Nerf gun and I am quite attached to it. First, what my Recon was like BEFORE modding:
    - Tactical Light
    This was pretty useless, as it isn't bright enough, nor does it's 'flashlight' function work well. Even so, it tends to look quite cool when attached, particularly when attached underneath the barrel, where it looks like a grenade launcher.
    In general: 2/10

    - Flip-up Sight
    This was ok, as when folded down it resembles iron sights on a real gun (only some), and when folded up it actually works, but only to a short range. However, it does get annoying to keep re-adjusting it. That's why I made my own (functional)reflex sight for my Recon.
    In general: 6/10

    - Barrel Extension
    Unlike this first two attachments, the barrel extension actually works well, although it reduces the general range of the gun. It also provides two more tactical rails to mount attachments on. The sight on the front is sort of functional, but works well only with another sight (like the flip-up sight).
    In general: 7/10

    - Detachable Stock
    This is my favourite attachment, as it works very well. Although many people say they tthink it is too flimsy, I found it was perfect for me. I also like the ability for it to hold an extra clip. However, I think it looks too flimsy and as a result I do not press it against my shoulder that hard.
    In general: 9/10

    - The main gun component
    This is really the main part of the Recon. The main part looks rather like a very oversized pistol, but I still think it is good. Many people say it jams a lot and chews up its darts, but I reckon that only happens if you cock it too fast, or half cock it (push cocking mechanism halfway then retract). My Recon has only jammed (generally) due to human error (ie me). I reckon that the ability to customize the Recon compromises some of its power and range, as its average firing range when using sights (longest range setting) is only about 8-10 metres.
    In general: 9/10

    Mods Completed:
    Air Restrictor removal
    Spring extension
    Padding within Plunger

    - Modded Recon
    A modded Recon is far better than a stock Recon, if you can be bothered to mod it as well as put up with the increased noise. It is a lot more powerful. I am unable to perform a range test because my hallway isn't long enough (I darenot take it outside and risk losing darts). Also, the AR removal seemes to eliminate anny chance to 'chew' up any darts.
    Improvement: 7.5/10 -> 8.5/10

    I recommend this gun if you don't mind modding it, as the modding can be difficult (I got my dad to help me)and if you're not careful, you could accidentally damage the gun and remove it. The Recon does not seem to have a useful main property (e.g. Raider's are high dart cap and rapid fire), and there are probably better guns out there for your purposes (I can't really tell - I don't have any other large blasters).
    Darth Lai
    Darth Lai

    Posts : 207
    Join date : 2010-07-13
    Age : 25
    Location : Adelaide, South Australia

    A review of my (modded) Recon CS-6 Empty Re: A review of my (modded) Recon CS-6

    Post  Darth Lai Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:12 am

    Great review mate. You should post some more up when you get new blasters.

    We all HATE losing darts.

    Posts : 192
    Join date : 2009-08-01
    Age : 24
    Location : Adelaide-nerf capital of Australia

    A review of my (modded) Recon CS-6 Empty Re: A review of my (modded) Recon CS-6

    Post  Biggles Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:31 am

    Darth Lai wrote:We all HATE losing darts.

    We all LOVE making stefans.


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    A review of my (modded) Recon CS-6 Empty Re: A review of my (modded) Recon CS-6

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