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    Foam Fortress Pro - Intermediate player's guide (Class-specific tips) *Updated*


    Posts : 345
    Join date : 2009-05-18
    Age : 32
    Location : Adelaide, South Australia

    Foam Fortress Pro - Intermediate player's guide (Class-specific tips) *Updated* Empty Foam Fortress Pro - Intermediate player's guide (Class-specific tips) *Updated*

    Post  Chaos-Blades Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:29 am

    Here are my general tips for each specific class in FFP.

    This'll be a more advanced guide to FFP than Chad's( or Winterstrike to his enemies) new player's guide , for people who are more familiar with the rule and classes.

    -You can carry 3 different guns, use this to your advantage. Have a "rush gun", a side-arm and an accurate single-shot.

    Magstrike, Maverick and singled/turreted Triple-shot for example, you'll have a gun for every occasion
    -Don't forget that you have a grenade. Use it sparingly as it's hard to hit people from range with them. Pick your targets. You want to hit demo's first and Tanks second if you have the opportunity, they're usually the two main threats. If you get the opportunity to 'nade anyone from the opposing team, do it.
    -You can dual-weild (or Akimbo if you're a MW2 loser), it takes some practice but it can work well. Dual AS-20's, mavericks or barricades will work the best.

    -You can re-spawn "ghost" teammates by touching them for 3 seconds (counted out loudly)
    -Use the people that your are re-spawning as human shields
    -Heal multiple teammates at the same time, where possible (as an added bonus, you'll have a bigger meat-sheild)
    -Your primary needs to be something that you won't run out of ammo too quickly with. You can only carry 1 gun, make sure it has lots of ammo. Any clip blaster with a raider drum is good. Longshots are probably the best.

    -Be wary of Demo's, you'll be easier to hit than anyone else
    -Be aware of your flanks, your sheild only covers the front of you
    -Make sure you are decent at using your pistol and sword/bat, if your sheild gets hit with a grenade, you'll only have them to rely on.
    -You can deflect darts with your sword/bat, essential if you have lost your sheild.
    -You are the only person who can throw the flag to a teammate
    -If possible, try to strap your sheild on your back when you grab the flag
    -Your pistol needs to be something that is easy enough to cock/reload/holster for example, a maverick or spectre or barricade or furyfire.

    -There are two types of tanks, Offensive (or rush tanks) and defensive tanks.

    An offensive tank usually has a smaller/lighter sheild that allows him/her to be able to run faster, making them very dangerous when capturing flags. Especially when they get close-up to the sharpies that are usually defending the flag. The lack of a grenade means that the sharpie needs to be fairly good with their pistol/s in order to counter the tank.

    Defensive tanks usually have larger sheilds, which makes it harder for them to "run 'n' gun" like the offensive ones. The defensive tanks are more about using their sheild as portable cover for team-mates, as well as being flag protectors. When an opponent is close to capturing the flag, a defensive tank should be nearby, the last-gasp attempt of an attacker is usually to grab the flag and bolt for it, sometimes dropping their heavier (usually empty) blaster on the ground in favor of footspeed. The defensive tank's job is to attract the opponent's fire (with the exception of grenades or rockets) and get in close for a melee kill with a sword.

    -Pick your shots, you can only shoot someone with your primary from 60 ft away, be ready to switch to one (or both, akimbo barricades??) of your pistols if you miss the shot.
    -You want to hang back and protect the flag/spawn point. If a demo is coming your way, you need to get him before he destroys your base. Most of the time this won't happen, you are his biggest threat, but your re-load time is his chance to take you out, for good.

    -You are the dangerman (or woman), you hit someone with one of those rockets and the game changes, especially if you are playing 5v5 highlander (one of each class).
    -Try to take out the other team's more experience players if you can.
    -Keep moving and move with a teammate, you don't have the range or accuracy in a firefight.
    -Use your grenades, one move I picked up is to lob one high up to land on top of people, when they look for the grenade to try to dodge, hit them with a rocket or your pistol or get a teammate to attack. It's a good distraction, especially if they try to dodge a dart and the grenade hits them instead.

    Another trick I've seen people do is when they've used all their ammo. They drop their titan & pistol and use grenades only as a last resort. I remember Biggles running around near the end of the round with just his 3 'nades. (He eventually killed me but we won anyway as he was the last person left on his team)
    -Conserve your rockets, only fire when you are sure you can hit your target.(a piece of advice that I did not take on the weekend and I payed for it by being eliminated by the opposing team's demo)

    EDIT: made a few changes in regards to the demo and tank classes after playing them on the weekend.

    If anyone has any good suggestions, I'd be glad to add them.

    If I've got something wrong, let me know, I referenced the FFP rules on the ROF site.

    Last edited by Chaos-Blades on Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:51 am; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : Updated 8/11/10)

    Posts : 345
    Join date : 2009-05-18
    Age : 32
    Location : Adelaide, South Australia

    Foam Fortress Pro - Intermediate player's guide (Class-specific tips) *Updated* Empty Re: Foam Fortress Pro - Intermediate player's guide (Class-specific tips) *Updated*

    Post  Chaos-Blades Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:52 am

    Updated 8/11/10

    Posts : 385
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    Age : 44
    Location : Adelaide 5039.SA.AU.... Rank: Ghetto King

    Foam Fortress Pro - Intermediate player's guide (Class-specific tips) *Updated* Empty Re: Foam Fortress Pro - Intermediate player's guide (Class-specific tips) *Updated*

    Post  gooni Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:06 am

    From the weekend's war, I've learnt that a sharpie should have a good holster/s for their sidearms and a good strap/sling for their rifle. The reason being if you miss your shot it is easyer to have a pre-primed pistol or two ready to go.

    Also having a good set of pistols is a must, as rushing other sharpies to close the range gap to prevent the use of thier rifle will catch them off gard.

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    Foam Fortress Pro - Intermediate player's guide (Class-specific tips) *Updated* Empty Re: Foam Fortress Pro - Intermediate player's guide (Class-specific tips) *Updated*

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