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    Alan's Painting commissions


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    Alan's Painting commissions Empty Alan's Painting commissions

    Post  BRO_COOKIE Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:07 am

    Alan's Painting Commissions

    Basicly What i offer is to paint any blaster that is nerf related using Vinyl die and Citadel Brush Paints. Also i choose Vinyl Die and Citadel Paints becuase they are the best paints that i have used and it may be a tab bit more expensive then normal paints but it is the best quality and is defanitly worth the extra amount.

    (Quantitiy may vary regarding the size of the blaster)
    1xVinyl Die base coat=$16
    1xVinyl Die Primary & Secoundary coat=$16
    1xCitadel Brush Paint=$6
    1xKyrlon shortcuts Chrome Dry Brushing=$6 (including shipping)
    1xBase Coat=$10


    With Labour i charge $5p/h for smaller balster like pistols and recons and with larger blasters like Stampedes i charge $2.50. this is to male it fare due to lrger blasters needing more time and care and $5p/h for a large blaster is just way to expensive.

    I will have pics comming soon
    War Organiser
    War Organiser

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    Alan's Painting commissions Empty Re: Alan's Painting commissions

    Post  littlebro05 Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:06 pm

    Would be good to show us some of your work so we know what it'll turn out to be like.

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    Alan's Painting commissions Empty Re: Alan's Painting commissions

    Post  clunk07 Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:00 pm

    do yourself a favour, and simplify your pricing.

    While it's good to break down cost, your labour charge should be reflected in a total price. Don't drop your labour cost due to the size of the blaster - if I did that, the 4 hours of prep on a LS would be too time-consuming, and I'd end up taking shortcuts, resulting in an inferior paint job.

    Also curious as to a base coat for vinyl dye? Maybe list them as a primary and secondary layers, due to vinyl dye fusing with the plastic, so it's not a base coat.

    Just for an indication, I charge around $80 for a pj on a Stampede or Longshot. That includes sanding and prep, undercoat, base coat, various top coats with camo stencil (up to 4 colours), and 2 to 4 coats of clear lacquer. Also covered in that price is a build plate and skull stencil with outline.
    Consumables usually amount to around $25, and approx 8 hours of labour (4 hrs to disassemble, sand and prep, 2.5 hrs of painting/stencilling, 0.5 hrs for lacquer, 0.5 hrs for re-assemble, 0.5 hrs for build plate. Working on that formula, labour is approx $7/hr.

    So maybe you could have a base charge for small, medium and large blasters (that includes your labour and vinyl dye cost) then have the optional extra of the 2 types of dry-brushing you perform at an additional price...

    Looking forward to seeing some of your work.


    Alan's Painting commissions Cwc_lo10

    Clunk Weapons Co. Blaster-smith Services:
    Commissions offered on Stampede, LongShot, Spectre, LED Maverick.

    CWC Blaster-smith Services
    CWC Custom Paint

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    Alan's Painting commissions Empty Re: Alan's Painting commissions

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