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    Explosive reviews: Lanard Blast Bazooka

    Roger Explosion
    Roger Explosion

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    Explosive reviews: Lanard Blast Bazooka Empty Explosive reviews: Lanard Blast Bazooka

    Post  Roger Explosion Fri Aug 07, 2009 4:22 pm

    *Please note: all pictures displayed are not mine. I just nicked them off google images

    Class: Single shot air gun

    Explosive reviews: Lanard Blast Bazooka Blast_Bazooka-Picture
    The Lanard Blast Bazooka is a pump rocket launcher which was ripped off by buzz bee to make the Big Blast. Those 2 guns are almost the same except for some subtle diffrences.

    It looks like a fairly standard toy gun, with a nice dark paintjob. But oddly enough, not one hint of safety orange. I wonder how they got away with that? The handles are pretty standard. Not too small, but not comfy. But you won't complain. They do their job. It feels fairly solid, but I wouldn't treat it too rough.

    it fires cool little missiles with whistles on them, which hit around 30 feet stock. These things are a riot to play around with. Its pumped with the handle on the back. The over pressure valve kicks in at 7 pumps, which is pretty good. There is not too much work to get it up to full power. One problem is that you have to pull the trigger quickly to release all the pressure, if you pull slowly, it slowly releases air at first. Plus the trigger is quite heavy too, so you need a strong trigger finger.

    Explosive reviews: Lanard Blast Bazooka DSC02276
    Very basic internals. Pretty much 3 pieces inside, The main part, trigger and trigger spring. The firing pin is plastic, unlike the Big Blast which has a steel pin. Also where the trigger pulls the firing pin seems very flimsy. Which is a shame, because you need some good force to pull the firing pin.

    This is one very easy gun to modify, and the results are fantastic. Just by removing the Grey air restrictor on the front of the barrel will allow you to fit Nerf Micros in it. And they are a pefect fit too. Weighted convented darts will hit around 70 feet, plus the stock rockets will go much further too. Chopping off the stock barrel and fitting a 14 inch barrel or coupler will allow you to hit around 100 feet, making it a great primary for outdoor wars. Plus you could go further and add a RSCB or Turret.

    A fantastic primary for outdoor wars, with very little work required to get it hitting 100 feet. The fire rate is slow though, because you have to pump it 7 times for every shot. The durability of the trigger seems questionable though. Plus shooting whistling rockets around is such a joy. *POP!! *WHEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee....

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