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November 2021


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    (Central Brisbane) Gregory Tce, Spring Hill - Speed Foam Warfare (BRING YOUR OWN DARTS), Trial Location

    War Organiser
    War Organiser

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    (Central Brisbane) Gregory Tce, Spring Hill - Speed Foam Warfare (BRING YOUR OWN DARTS), Trial Location Empty (Central Brisbane) Gregory Tce, Spring Hill - Speed Foam Warfare (BRING YOUR OWN DARTS), Trial Location

    Post  littlebro05 Tue Aug 14, 2012 1:56 am

    I know this is late notice for the 'public' forum side of things. This was originally a private event to trial this location. However, I decided to make it public. Same rules apply. Information below.

    Gregory Tce, Spring Hill, Queensland, 4169

    (Central Brisbane) Gregory Tce, Spring Hill - Speed Foam Warfare (BRING YOUR OWN DARTS), Trial Location MeetingPointHerston

    There is a mistake made on this map, please read the below to clarify


    Bring Your Own Darts (compulsory)
    You are expected to bring AT LEAST 80 or more darts to the war. Please don't rock up with 10 darts and expect to use other people's darts, it's not fair on them. Stefans ARE ALLOWED. However, they MUST NOT expose any metal for safety reasons and public liability. Please mark them accordingly with either a mark, or colour coding.

    Dart Hire
    Some people on the day may bring some 'extra' darts to hire out. Please leave a message on this forum or facebook to see if anyone is willing to. I personally do not have enough darts to 'hire' out.

    General Warring Rules and Etiquette
    1. If you are hit by a dart in ANY part of the body, you are OUT (Hit)
    2. If your gun is hit, you are OUT (Gun Hit)
    3. If you hit someone and they continue to play, call them out.
    4. Don't cheat in general, it's a game of tag.
    5. Don't argue with the person who calls a hit on you.
    6. Report to one of the organisers about a possible cheater and we will monitor them to see if they continue to do so.
    7. Minimum engagement range = 2-3metres | For Air Blasters it’s 8metres
    (NOTE: If the person charges YOU, you are able to shoot them at a close engagement range. However, if you charge at them - you will be given a warning)
    8. Range Limit of 120ft (40’ish metres) - Big Blasts and Titans are banned.
    9. EYE PROTECTION IS MANDATORY (You will most definitely need it in this war as the darts are flying at a higher velocity than HvZ blasters)
    10. Melee weapons are allowed IF it is made from very soft foam. If you are to meet or sneak on a player and you have no weapon, just place your hand on there should to say I’ve got you. This is to avoid close shooting encounters from high end blasters
    11. You are NOT allowed to pick up darts when you are dead or ‘tagged’. You can pick up darts when you are alive.
    12. In case of a situation where both players have shot each other near or at the same time – this is a double kill. Both players must return to the safe zone / or respawn point.
    13. When you are shot – you are NOT allowed to communicate with other players. Dead people can’t talk.
    14. If children or anybody walks across the field, please halt your fire and screamout 'STOP' and continue the chain to yelling until the kids or other people are off to the field.
    15. Please don't take the game too literally and get to serious about it. Nor boast about how good you are, no one likes arrogance or someone who is taking it way seriously. Be casual about it, it's just a game and we're here to have some fun.

    Game Types
    1. Team Deathmatch (Elimination) - Classic GameType
    2. Capture the Flag - Classic GameType
    3. Galipoli - Hold the bunker against waves of enemies
    4. Suicide Bomber - Reverse capture the flag, you have a designated suicide bomber which must plant the flag at the enemy base! The bomber will have unlimited respawns, his 'support' will have none. Eliminate your contestants so it's easier for your comrade to plant the bomb!
    5.VIP - Escort your injure VIP before they get their VIP to the other side.
    6. Pistol Rounds for each gametype

    Riot shields are ALLOWED in this war. Rules as follows
    1. Your riot shield has the ability to be the 'moving wall' to protect your allies from incoming darts.
    2. However, you will be ELIMINATED if your shield is hit with either a foam rocket, missile, arrow, ball OR vortex howler.
    3. You will also be eliminated if a dart HITS YOU instead of the SHIELD. (Common Sense rule). Example: If you are shot in the arm while holding the riot shield. You will be eliminated.
    4. You cannot use your shield as a MELEE weapon (Safety Reasons). However, you can use a sword with the shield.


    Banned Blasters: LEAVE ALL OF THESE AT HOME, We do NOT want accidents happening because someone was silly enough to hit a member of the public and be report for it.
    - Singled OR RSCB'd OR Hopper OR Inlined Big Blasts
    - Singled OR RSCB'd OR Hopper OR Inlined Berserkers
    - Singled OR RSCB'd OR Hopper OR Inlined Titans
    - Singled OR RSCB'd OR Hopper OR Inlined Air Powered Blasters
    - Anything that can shoot across the field (40metres) at a slightly flat angled
    - Anything that can penetrate more than 1 layers of cardboard with a stinger, OR 1 or more layers with a heavy silicone tip

    - If in between game breaks and you are you 'popping of shots', ONLY shoot within the field as we do not want accidents happening by accidentally shooting a non player.
    - At the end of the day, stay AT LEAST until all the darts have been sweeped off the field and all the tarps have been taken down. I will give instructions at the end of the day.
    - If this is your first time attending a war, please bring a blaster (and a spare one) that has AT LEAST the AR removal, these darts will not fire effectively if you have not at least done that modification. Use google, if you need help.

      Current date/time is Tue Nov 30, 2021 6:56 pm